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March 03, 2008

Children Charmed At Frog Farm In Singapore

Children Charmed At Frog Farm In Singapore

For children and adults who possess high affinity for all things “froggy”, the Jurong Frog Farm in Lim Chu Kang Lane 6 will charm you with herbal tales and tadpole tails.

Situated in the backwoods of Singapore, this place of interest was a pit stop for my family on a Saturday afternoon outing. We saw a quaint collection of tadpoles and live frogs distributed among rectangular concrete enclosures. In these “ponds”, they transformed from eggs to fully grown adult frogs over a period of about six months. There were “courtship tanks” where dating amphibians were given space and privacy to encourage procreation. Inside these tanks, leaves were left in-site to hide floating eggs upon hatching.

The predominant specie of frog found here was the American bullfrog. Each adult frog can grow up to 20 cm long and weigh up to 750 grams. The tadpoles of this species can extend up to 17 cm in length.

The only one of its kind in Singapore, the frog farm specializes in production of meat for seafood restaurants in Singapore to be served as culinary delicacies. They also offer bottled “essence of frog” which is essentially a broth extract loaded with ginseng and cordyceps for added nutritional value. Some visitors have also made small purchases to keep these frogs as pets at home.

Above: Algae for food

Despite looking rough at the edges from wear and tear, this farm carries exhibits of the various stages in the developmental growth of frogs, from egg to adult frogs. My kids enjoyed spending time at the farm. Never having an opportunity to view wild frogs in their urbanized lives before, they were fascinated at the amphibian sightings. The chorus of croaks was also an unusual musical performance for them. They were extremely keen to participate in the frog feeding frenzy using specially imported feeds laced with high protein particles.

If you have ever wondered about the fate of the frog in the fairytale “The Princess and the Frog”, look no further than this farm to discover what never happened to that fairytale frog.

Take care, be happy.

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Stardust said...

Cute post =) I didn't know the place. Was wondering the origin of the delicious reptiles served at restaurants. If they are catered by Sg's farms, think I can eat at ease.

I miss the dish I had before I left Sg, yum yum... Getting homesick again.

Nice Froggy post.

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