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March 04, 2008

Spending Leisure Time On An Offbeat Farm In Singapore

Bollywood Veggies

When I first heard of this place of interest known as “Bollywood Veggies”, my first impression was a picture of lively dancers clad in sari prancing around a tall dark handsome tree. On closer inspection, I was pleasantly surprised to find none of this bollywood buzz. Instead the farm was filled with neat plots of aromatic plants, herbs, fruit trees, ponds and fishes in a tranquil countryside backdrop.

For a $2 fee per adult, visitors to this farm at Neo Tiew Road in Kranji get to bring their kids for an outing to a farm packed chock-a-block with garden plots. There are seasonal vegetables and fruits grown here. At the time of my visit in March, organically grown banana plants were in abundance although the fruiting season was not due yet. A stroll through this farm revealed juicy limes hanging on branches. My kids were thrilled to poke and touch them in their natural state. Of tempting interest too were Ladies Fingers and long bean, ripe for plucking.

A thoughtful presence was a cozy restaurant on site that served an organic platter of dishes and drinks. Here you could sip coffee and chew on Bollywood nasi lemak as you watch the sky perform a sunset routine over wide green spaces unlike any other.

My favourite corner of this farm sanctuary must be at the lone rope swing hung below a tree tucked next to a lovely lotus pond. As the gentle oscillations of the swing peel the tension from your back, watch small butterflies hop around leaves while dragonflies dart between pink petals rising to the late afternoon sun.

For a chance to see a real farm planted amidst natural settings, a trip here should definitely count as an offbeat excursion for any Singaporean longing for an organic taste of outdoor farming.

Do you have any offbeat places of interest in Singapore or anywhere in the world to share?

Take care and stay happy.
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