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April 09, 2008

Taman Jurong Greens Is An Atypical Vegetable Farm To Visit

Taman Jurong Greens Is An Atypical Vegetable Farm To Visit

I dropped by Taman Jurong Greens, bounded by Corporation Road, Corporation Drive and Yung An Road, with my family on the way back from a visit to a relative’s place recently. After a hearty buffet dinner, we had a chance to burn off some calories by exploring this man-made 1.5-hectare plate of greenery that is styled like an atypical vegetable farm.

This mushroom-themed park with a playground and garden was built in 2006. It has its fair share of unusual mushroom and flower concrete sculptures. Of the various sculptures, the 5-foot tall caterpillar exhibit, cute-looking and huggable, won the title of my family’s favourite sculpture at Taman Jurong Greens.

I would have jumped at the chance to play basketball at the court here if I had brought a ball along, while my kids preferred to jump into serious play at the local playground without any prompt. Various exercise stations were available but the evening neighbourhood crowd kept them busy. A jogging track encircled the park but I was not tempted to run after it. A group of foreign workers provided musical entertainment with an impromptu performance at the terraces as children danced around on their bicycles within the small park compound. The mood at Taman Jurong Greens was a festive but cozy affair, well worth a visit.

If you need to work off excessive calories and remind your children to eat more greens, I would recommend that you come to Taman Jurong Greens with your family.

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