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April 10, 2008

How To Book A Barbeque Pit At Changi Beach Park, Pasir Ris Park, East Coast Park And Other Parks In Singapore

picture:Book your BBQ pit at an Nparks Park.

How To Book A Barbecue BBQ Pit At Changi Beach Park, Pasir Ris Park, East Coast Park and other parks In Singapore

Several readers have asked me recently for information on how to book a barbeque BBQ pit at our public parks like Changi Beach Park, Pasir Ris Park or East Coast Park. Book a barbecue BBQ pit and throw BBQ parties that are popular family friendly activities for many Singaporeans. It is also a great way for friends to spend time together, enjoying good BBQ pit cooked food amidst natural spacious sceneries.

I have compiled the information here for other readers who may need to know how to book barbecue BBQ pits in Singapore.

Barbeque BBQ Pit Booking At Parks Of NPARKS
There are three ways to book a National Parks Board barbecue BBQ pit. These are:
(1) Internet Barbecue BBQ pit booking
(2) Phone Barbecue BBQ pit booking
(3) AXS Barbecue BBQ pit booking station

Internet BBQ Pit Booking
The Nparks has an internet bbq pit booking site maintained through AXS. Go to their website (Nparks AXS site) to book a bbq pit.

You will be asked for your choice of date, the name of the park, the BBQ pit booking number as well as other personal contact details. Maps containing bbq pits with numbers are provided on the same site to show you the location of every barbecue bbq pit available on the park that you have chosen to book. After booking, remember to make pit booking payment within 24 hours at the AXS station convenient for you.

Phone BBQ Pit Booking
If you prefer to book a bbq pit through telephone, call this number 6560-2727 from 8am-10pm daily and follow the instructions. Again, remember to make payment within 24 hours to confirm your purchase that you have booked a bbq pit at any AXS station.

AXS BBQ Pit Booking station
There are many of these machines installed all over the island. Check here (AXS online) for the complete list of AXS stations to book bbq pit. At the stations, you can book a bbq pit and complete payment by pressing “Government” and “National Parks Board” buttons to begin. Remember to keep the receipt, as proof of your purchase and booking of bbq pit. Payment after booking via internet or phone must be done within 24 hours at an AXS station to confirm your bbq pit booking purchase.

You should book a barbecue bbq pit at least three days in advance. During popular times when demand is high, you should consider booking a bbq pit much earlier.

Location Of Barbeque BBQ Pits
Barbeque bbq pits available for users to book and use in Singapore’s National Park Board’s Parks are listed below. Check with AXS website for a listing of the barbecue bbq pits that are available to book.

Changi Beach Park bbq pit
East Coast Park bbq pit
Labrador Nature Reserve bbq pit
Pasir Ris Park bbq pit
Punggol Park bbq pit
Sembawang Park bbq pit
West Coast Park bbq pit

BBQ Pit Booking Fee For Barbeque BBQ Pits
The fee to book a barbecue pit and its usage various from $12 to $20 per pit. The lowest priced barbecue (bbq) pits are at Labrador, Punggol and Sembawang Parks. Payment for BBQ pit booking is to be made at AXS stations within 24 hours of internet book.

Bring Your Own Pits (BYOP)
Some parks allow you to bring-your-own-pit BYOP. Essentially you still need to book the site and make payment via AXS stations. In BYOP, you bring your own mobile bbq pit to the park sites.

Precautions To Take
Keep your bbq pit booking permit with you at all times as park rangers may inspect your site.
Beware of wet weather.
Beware of theft and robbery.
Know what to do in the event of emergencies like fire or accidents.
Clean up after use as a matter of courtesy and civic duty.
Do not obstruct other park users by taking up space on the footpaths and cycling tracks.
If you get rashes after eating BBQ food, check out my ad buyer's Singapore Skin Doctors.

Rent your BBQ pits and Enjoy your bbq!

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