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April 19, 2008

Camping Permitted In East Coast Park, Changi Beach Park And Other Parks In Singapore

Camping Permitted In East Coast Park, Changi Beach Park And Other Parks In Singapore

For a taste of the great outdoors, you can camp out in selected parks of Singapore. Camping is allowed at the following five parks:

Changi Beach Park
East Coast Park
Pasir Ris Park
Sembawang Park
West Coast Park

In Singapore, camping is a very popular activity for families, school-going children, teenagers and even adults. Popular areas to pitch tents for a night out include East Coast Park, Changi Beach Park and Pasir Ris Park.

I fondly remember my school days when I had many opportunities to camp overnight, sleeping outdoors under the moonlight at Sarimbun camp. The refreshing cool pre-dawn air always gave me a buzz whenever I rose to watch the sun rise. The touch of cold dewdrops on my poncho never failed to send a thrilling tingle up my spine. In the eerie darkness, I shook with every shrill blast of cicadas calling from the shadows. The tremble of tree leaves under coarse brush of breeze enchanted with their mildly haunting symphony.

Nowadays my children would rather spend the night in their air-conditioned bedrooms than under a hot stuffy tent. When they were introduced to camping initially, enthusiasm was boundless. They tried out for a few hours inside a tent; but alas surrendered to discomfort, and asked to go home.

Permit Required
Since 7 November 2005, the National Parks Board has mandated that a permit is required for camping on weekdays. The areas at the parks that you can camp overnight are also limited to certain portions of the park. This requirement is to weed out over-stayers, the homeless and even illegal immigrants who may exploit the use of amenities and space in the various parks as their temporary home.

The camping permit can be obtained easily. Just set up your tent at the designated area and the park ranger will make his/her round to visit your site. The park ranger will scan your identification card and issue a verification slip that is then attached to your tent. Scanning of the identification cards will be done daily. There is no fee involved.

On weekends and public holidays, no permit is required. **
[**Latest: camping permit required everyday - read new post.]

Map Source (below): Nparks
Precautions To Take
Beware of thunderstorms, floods, fire and lightning.
Know what to do in an emergency like flood and fire.
Keep your important belongings in a safe place.
Beware of theft and robbery.
Keep the campsite clean.
Do not obstruct other park users and cyclists.
Do not disturb other park users.

Most of all, enjoy your camping!

See More Places. Live More Life.

[**Latest: camping permit required everyday - read new post.]

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Muhd Imran said...

Hello STST,

Thanks for the info. I didn't realize that permits are not needed on weekends anymore. This is great news.

I love camping and Changi Beach Park is my family's haunt whenever we get a chance to camp out or just enjoy the night air after dinner out at the hawker centre.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and your kind comments.

Have a great week ahead.

Admin said...

Hi muhd imran, Thanks for reading my blog. Take care!

Anonymous said...

This is a very nice blog. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

arr.. can i ask sth. what if we tent there but we dun over night and go home around 11+. still need to get tent permit ?

Admin said...

As long as you put up a tent in the designated park for 1 minute, I think you need to follow the rule and book a permit. If the ranger comes around during the minute when your tent is up, you must produce the permit. There's no charge for the permit, for now.

Anonymous said...

how about on during school holidays?

Anonymous said...

Hey,so that's true about during weekends we dont need permit also can stay overnight?So there's no ranger coming to check ?

STST said...

From 15 April 2009, campers will be able to apply for permits via AXS to camp at any of the five parks where camping is permitted - Changi Beach Park (between Carpark 1 and Carpark 4; between Carpark 6 and Carpark 7), East Coast Park (Area D and Area G), Pasir Ris Park (Area 1 and 3), Sembawang Park (Area A), and West Coast Park (Area 3).

Camping permits will be required on weekdays and weekends, including public holidays and school holidays.

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Anonymous said...

May i chk if permit is needed for this sat at changi? if yes, how do i go abt applyin for it?

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