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April 21, 2008

For Families With Kids At Bishan Park 2: Dog Run, Nursery Plants And More Under The Sun

For Families With Kids At Bishan Park 2: Dog Run, Nursery Plants And More Under The Sun

Next to a maroon coloured office shed, Green Vibes is Bishan Park 2’s only 4000 square-metre plant nursery that is a veritable United Nations venue for plants and herbs of more than 100 species. Protected by a fence, this small area of land has neat rows of potted plants arranged between rectangular plots of soil filled with various flowering plants.

There are classes conducted for the public on the first Saturday morning of every month to educate visitors on herbs and plants. Experienced lecturers are on hand to conduct lessons for children as well as interested adults. You can check here for details.

There is an area known as the “Dog Run” about 30 metres away in Bishan Park 2. This enclosure covering approximately the size of half a football field allows owners to relax on benches while their unleashed pets indulge in play.

There is plenty of open space under the sun for soccer games, kite flying and mass participation events. However remote-controlled aeroplane flying is expressly forbidden according to a signboard.

In-line skates and bicycles are available for rental. A skating ring with cones and route markers, available at a nominal fee, sits beside a shop space for learners to improve their skating skills.

A car park situated off Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 allows visitors to drive their vehicles right to the edge of Bishan Park 2. From the car park, you can walk up to restaurants and a spa for meals and relaxation respectively. The restaurants tout themselves as ecologically friendly enterprises by way of their tuft of grass and landscaping on their building rooftops.

A foot reflexology walkway, billed as the largest in Singapore, allows visitors ample space to massage sore feet without threading on other people’s toes.

Children will love the two playgrounds that are present at this park. Exercise stations are available for fitness-buffs to sculpt their muscles and tone their abdomen. A jogging track completes the list of amenities available for park visitors to Bishan Park 2.

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Stardust said...

This place looks like a paradise with herbs, skating area and; spa? Wow. Thanks for sharing.

Seen This Scene That said...

Yes, there's even a spa at a national park. It seems that the authorities feel this is one way to maximise usage of the park and to attract new visitors. What will they think of next?

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