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April 22, 2008

Tuas Seaview Park, Next To Raffles Marina

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Tuas Seaview Park, Next To Raffles Marina

Two letters, “U” and “C” beside “Tuas Seaview Park” on an entry in a page of the local street directory caught my attention recently. The letters stood for “uncompleted” and I was curious to know how much progress had been achieved on its land development.

Along Tuas South Avenue West Drive next to Raffles Marina, this park-to-be is located at the western end of Singapore, amidst a thriving industrial estate. The state property, situated between Raffles Marina and an industrial building, stands out as a featureless piece of undeveloped land. No signage is available to indicate the name of the park. A railing separates the pavement from the land in question, while a wire fence keeps visitors away from the seashore at the far end.

Looking at the bald patches of grass at Tuas Seaview Park, one wonders if anyone really heeds the warning that this piece of state land is off limits to trespassers, who may be prosecuted to the full extent of the law if apprehended. A few trees guard over the area under the hot sun, but keep silent over the identities of trespassers.

Without breaking laws, you can safely catch the impressive sea view of the Tuas Second Link, a bridge that arches majestically over the Johor Straits from next door at Raffles Marina. Small boats and assorted vessels that ply the busy waterway add visual interest to the scenery. On the other side of the waterway, the undulating terrain of Malaysia’s Kampung Tanjung Kupang beckons.

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Stardust said...

What a lovely blue sky. It really looks exactly the way I remember it.

Well, there are reasons for keeping trespassers away at this seemingly abandoned land. Witnesses like remote-plane flyers, claim cobras' existence and risk being attacked by crows.

Seen This Scene That said...

I am sure many others use this area for recreation when the sun is not so bright and hot.

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