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April 18, 2008

Serangoon Park Connector: A Part Of Singapore's Park Connector Network

Serangoon Park Connector: A Part Of Singapore's Park Connector Network

The Serangoon Park Connector, a narrow corridor of wasteland turned into a usable track, is broken into two portions. One portion runs alongside the Serangoon River southwards from Sungei Pinang at the upper end of Upper Serangoon Road to the junction of Tampines Road and Hougang Avenue 7. The other portion connects Punggol Park at Hougang Avenue 10 to Buangkok Green.
The Serangoon Park Connector is part of the Park Connector Network (PCN) which aims to “maximise land such as drainage reserves, foreshore and road reserves to turn them into green corridors, linking major parks and nature sites in Singapore” according to the National Parks Board website. “At the same time they link up residential and urban areas, offering shady and convenient shortcut routes to bus-stops, MRT stations and markets.”

By the open field next to Upper Serangoon View Road in front of Serangoon Secondary School, you can come here for a relaxing evening. I like the tranquility and cool air at Serangoon Park Connector that runs beside the peaceful Sungei Serangoon. The view of Sungei Serangoon with wild vegetation on the opposite bank seems alluring. The small ripples of sky reflecting off the water’s surface adds a poetic sense of liveliness.

Although seclusion is palpable along parts of Serangoon Park Connector, a steady stream of joggers, cyclists and in-line skaters in the evening will still keep you company. Scattered intermittently along the entire track are benches nestled within lush landscaping to welcome tired limbs or those who wish to catch a short snooze.

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