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April 17, 2008

Spring Fun At A Wasabi Farm In Nagano, Japan

c.c. photo by azn_wildcat

Spring Fun At A Wasabi Farm In Nagano, Japan

Have you wondered where wasabi originates? Does it come from a plant, seaweed, tree or something in between? Every time you dip into this soft green paste with your sashimi at Japanese restaurants like Nanbantei, Tatsuya, Nadaman , Genki Sushi or Sakae Sushi, have you thought about the nature of this burn-from-throat-to-head spice?

I have discovered a beautiful flower-filled farm in Nagano, Japan through Stardust, who is based there. Visit her site (stardust post on Wasabi farm) for a personal rendition of such a real-life farm. There are lovely visual samples of the real deal in her pretty account.

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Read more at Stardust's site ...


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Stardust said...

I'm embarrassed... I think your visitors would be more interested to discover your findings intstead. Nevertheless, thank you. Have a great weekend!

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