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April 16, 2008

Visual Singapore: Marina South Pier Is A Place Of Interest With Grand Views

Visual Singapore: Marina South Pier Is A Place Of Interest With Grand Views

Since replacing the antiquated Clifford Pier officially on 30 June 2006, Marina South Pier had been on my radar for a visit. Recently I managed to dock in at the new waterfront maritime building for a familiarization.

Isolated at Marina Coastal Drive, off Marina Boulevard, the Marina South Pier stood out with its wavy roof shelter upon approach. You can leave your car at the many lots outside the building and within its premises as you climb to explore the three storey building.

The two-year-old building still looks new, spacious and impressive although I am nostalgic over the old Clifford pier design. Retail outlets with restaurants surround the immigration and checkpoints authority’s desks at the centre of the building. This building serves as a landing point for pilgrims, passengers and crew on domestic ferry and launch vessel traffic. Out in the pier, there are two floating triple-decked boats-cum-restaurants that serve dinners to those who can stomach motion sickness well.

One major advantage that the new Marina South Pier has over the old Clifford Pier is the amazing view of the ships, sea and sky on its third level. The open-air rooftop allows unimpeded 360-degree view of the surrounding sea and land views. A grass field offers families a chance for an outdoor picnic, while pub goers can still rejoice while drinking at the bar here.

Robust trade winds keep temperatures manageable even on hot afternoons, although the best time to visit is near sunset for an unforgettable evening. Romantics will love the period after sundown when blue fairy rooftop lights combine with twinkling sparkles in the stars and ships. Hear the gentle sea waves caress the shore and let that smoothen your frown away.

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Stardust said...


Lovely photos! Reminds me of time spent at Raffles Marina and I managed to take lots of lovely photos there. You may like to try the place!

Seen This Scene That said...

Hi stardust,

Thanks for the recommendation. I will keep that on my to-see list.

Jinghui said...

Great photoblog on the various places to visit in Singapore ! Keep shooting and blogging , added you to my blogroll !

Seen This Scene That said...

Thanks for the compliments. I have added you too. Take care!

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