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April 11, 2008

Seen This Scene That: See More Places, Live More Life

See More Places, Live More Life

To my loyal readers, thank you for your support. You would know by now that I have been writing passionately about many places of interest in Singapore, especially the parks, reservoirs, beaches and museums.

To those who chance upon my Seen.This.Scene.That blog while surfing the Net, I welcome you! After you read all my postings, I hope to inspire you to return with prospects of more fascinating updates on the sights and sounds in Singapore that resonate in my heart.

I have learnt many useful lessons from my blogging experience on Seen This Scene That. The past months of gathering facts, collecting photographs and sharing them with you have enriched my life beyond imagination. I have acquainted myself with new contacts and friends that I shall treasure deeply.

My philosophy of life has moderated over the years. In the beginning of my career, work-life balance was a lopsided, one-dimensional experience. Like almost all Singaporeans brought up in a materialistic, everything-must-be-number-one environment, I was enchanted by the dizzy pursuit of success, epitomized by the 5 Singaporean C’s (cash, condo, car, credit card and country club).

Maturity has been a compelling reason for much of the adjustment in work-life balance to a sensible level. With time, materialistic goals have been downgraded. Emphasis seems to have changed to less tangible aspects of living life. Coupled with spouse and children, life has become more grounded on the joys of living. In my mind, I am beginning to breathe easier; the air seems fresher, the scenes brighter and the sounds clearer.

I believe that one should see as much of the world as one can afford to. These places do not have to be far away. Begin with your neighbourhood sights and progress further from there. Choose to start with those places that stir your interest. Ask around for tips and consult friends for advice. Reading my blog is also another avenue. You will be surprised by the breadth and depth of places others may have to share with you.

To see more places is one distinctive way to live more of life. Multiple benefits accrue to the person who dares to venture out of his or her comfort zones. There is plenty of knowledge to be gained. The experience can shape you into a better person. Learn to broaden your worldview of life as you explore new vistas in your travels.

To change from an armchair traveller to an intrepid traveller is never going to be easy. But do consider going out to places to see the sights, witness events and participate in activities. Immerse yourself in the ambience at different times, different places. Keep exploring to see more places and live more of life.

I am confident that many of you are already performing these activities to see more places. For those who have yet to break out of the workplace cocoon, there is still time to realize these pursuits. Pursue your lofty dreams to climb the ladder of success but at the same time, do not neglect your work-life balance. Spend sufficient time for family, friends and yourself to be able to enjoy a healthful and meaningful life. Choose to see more places that fascinate you, and in the process, live more life.

Take care, be happy.

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Casdok said...

A lovely post. And thank you for your very kind words.
I wish you well.

Stardust said...

Hi, I think you're really a good family man, and I feel happy for your family. I mean, despite being busy at work, I can see that you always spend time to bring your family around. This is so loving. Thank you for sharing your outdoor fun, I've enjoyed your sharing. =)

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