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April 14, 2008

Oil And Gas Found In Singapore? No, It's Tuas Biomedical Park 2

Oil and Gas Found In Singapore? No, it’s Tuas Biomedical Park 2.

You may wonder if this photograph was taken in the deserts of South Rumaila, west of Basra, Iraq, or perhaps one of the oilfields in Al Burgan, Kuwait or even the arid lands of western China’s oil-rich Xinjiang region.

This photograph was actually taken near the junction of Tuas South Ave 14 and Tuas South Ave 5 on reclaimed land in Tuas South, Singapore. The twin red-and-white smokestack from the right belongs to the Tuas South Incineration Plant.

Jurong Town Corporation (JTC) runs this 188-hectare site that is designated as Tuas Biomedical Park 2. An existing 183-hectare biomedical park is already operational next to this property. As the name suggests, pharmaceutical and biochemical industries will fill up these empty plots as Singapore Inc pushes forward to establish a footing in world biomedical dominance.

At the present time, you can come here to enjoy the empty space, expansive sky and vehicle-less streets. Activities like kite flying, remote airplane flying or helicopter flying, or one that requires lots of room for maneuvers can be enjoyed over here.

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