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April 08, 2008

Great Gate Wall Of Singapore

Great Gate Wall Of Singapore

China has the world heritage listed Great Wall. Berlin possesses a famous dismantled wall. The two Koreas share a demilitarized wall. In fact, many nations of the world construct walls of one form or another for various functions.

In Tuas South near Tuas View extension, I located Singapore’s version that I call the Great Gate Wall of Singapore. Situated near the junction of Tuas South Avenue 14 and Tuas South Ave 7, this piece of metal wire fencing, reaching a height of about 2 metres, stretches for kilometers around the borders of Tuas South. No entry to the reclaimed land on Tuas View is possible.

The logical use of this fencing would be to keep citizens out of the reclaimed land for their own safety. It could also be interpreted as a barrier to keep outsiders away as the aggressive looking high-density razor wire coils seem to suggest.

On the other side of the fence, the sandy property bears no sign of any road, streetlight, building, or tree. In the distant horizon, ocean-going vessels ply the waters off the shoreline, bearing goods for trade from around the globe.

Most Singaporeans feel that a population of 4.6 million has crowded out the common spaces on our island. There are actually lots of space still available. The main problem surfaces when everyone decides to descend on Orchard Road or Marina Bay at the same time for a visit.

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