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April 07, 2008

Men Versus Monkeys At Upper Peirce Reservoir Park In Singapore: Who Wins?

Men Versus Monkeys At Upper Peirce Reservoir Park In Singapore: Who wins?

With due respect for monkeys, I am using them to illustrate a few lessons for humankind in Singapore.

You will not fail to notice family friendly monkeys loitering along Old Upper Thomson Road as you drive into Upper Peirce Reservoir Park, especially from late afternoon till nightfall. These primates will approach from the jungle as you slow your vehicle. Their large baleful eyes on tilted heads seem enough to elicit your sympathy.

You toss convenience food to feed hungry mouths and congratulate yourself for performing a good deed. You drive along and a gigantic sign by the side of the road warns you of your folly.

”They have enough food in the forest.” Monkeys 1 Men 0. These cute primates will outwit, outplay and outclass you.

“Stop feeding the monkeys. Fine $500.“ Monkeys 2 Men 0 (Mankind scores an own goal). It seems we can only learn through threat of punishment. Education alone seems insufficient to influence human behaviour.

As you arrive at the car park of Upper Peirce Reservoir Park, you are greeted by another prominent signboard.

Monkeys 3 Men 0. Rules govern our behaviour much better than any educational campaign. Appealing to our sense of moral righteousness or civic consciousness has its limits, at least in Singapore. Big brother must yield a big baton to direct personal behaviour in line with social goals.

Any casual visitor will surely be impressed by the authority’s enthusiasm to highlight the natural wonders available in the park. There are several information boards pinned to man-made shelters explaining the flora and fauna in the Central Water Catchment Area.

First time visitors who wander to the road leading to the Singapore Island Country Club will be surprised by the magnificent view of the Upper Thomson Road area. Treasure the priceless moments at this corner of the park as you sit on the verge of steep slopes to imbibe the wondrous atmosphere of sky, space and scenery.

Live life, be happy.

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