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March 27, 2008

Fountain Pond At Temasek Polytechnic in Tampines, Singapore

Fountain Pond At Temasek Polytechnic

Opened to the public from 7am to 7.30pm on weekdays and till 3pm on Saturdays, the fountain pond at Temasek Polytechnic is a pleasant water feature that is highly recommended for a visit. This mini-park sits on top of a wide canal that runs between Bedok Reservoir and Temasek Polytechnic.

This place of interest attracts not just those who can appreciate the aesthetic beauty of its water fountain displays or who like the rhythmic symphony of dancing water. Even visitors who have little artistic inclination would love the soothing ambience that this park invokes. There are benches for the young, the old and visitors who linger longer than expected.

Canoes lined along one end of the park add a sense of mystique. If you think they are used in the canal, think again. The shallow man-made canal is definitely not suitable for such canoeing activity. Instead, the answer lays in the pool of water at Bedok Reservoir a short walk away.

I enjoy watching the water fountain performance, even though its simple routine cannot compare to Sentosa Island's more elaborate and colourful cousin. The pattern of water rising to the sky and fanning out within the perimeter is a mesmerizing experience. Listening to the patter of water molecules as they respond to gravity induces a mood-calming effect. If the wind blows just right, you can feel cold droplets tickling bare skin. When you grow tired of this scene, walk over to the grounds of Temasek Polytechnic to admire the kois swimming in a separate pond.

The utilization of space over a canal has turned a piece of real estate into a work of art. More significantly, this urbanization has succeeded in producing a recreational venue highly satisfying for families that enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Take care, stay happy.

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Anonymous said...

Is there such school call Tampines Polytechnic??
I thought is Temasek Polytechnic??

Anonymous said...

its temasek polytechnic .....

Seen This Scene That said...

Oops..correction done!

*pH said...

if u stand at a certain angle at 9am on the dot, u'll be able to see rainbow formed by the water fountain and the sunlight... very beautiful~~

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