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March 26, 2008

Save The Earth In One Earth Hour

Save The Earth In One Earth Hour

One hour -
The length of time needed to save the Earth
by raising awareness on global warming issues.

On 29 March 2008 from 8pm to 9pm (Singapore time), citizens of the world are urged to turn off all lights for an hour to save electricity. I know it’s difficult. And one hour isn’t much to reduce our carbon footprint. But at least it’s a start to raise awareness and with it, hopefully positive action.

I wish to preserve all our wonderful natural spaces, parks, gardens, reservoirs and beaches, like those I’ve blogged on, for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.

One person can make a difference. Let it start with me.
Take care, be happy.
(PS: Read here for the follow-up.)

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Seen This Scene That said...

As a member of planet Earth, it is my pleasure and honour to help save the Earth. By raising awareness of the issues facing our planet, hopefully more people can be involved in countering global warming. One person can make a difference. Let it begin with me.

Casdok said...

Im doing it too!

Chris said...

I agree, we need to do something with this earth. Very interesting blog, love reading it! Hope your doing well!

Jackie said...

I have always used electricity sparingly but in South Africa where we basically do not have enough electricity, due to growth and bad planning, we have regular outages of 4 hours three or four times a week.

This is causing many to go the solar route which is great for the environment :)

Stardust said...


Glad to know that you are environmentally concerned. =) Here in Japan, energy conservation and waste reduction is part of a lifestyle. I shall be cooperating as much as I can.

Seen This Scene That said...

Hi casdok,
Hi chris,
Hi jackie
Hi stardust,

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Take care, be happy.

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