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March 13, 2008

Singapore Flyer: Would You Ride The Wheel?

Singapore Flyer: Would You Ride It?

You would have heard of the Singapore Flyer at Marina Bay as it commenced operations for the public on 1 March 2008. For $29.50, each paying adult gets to claim the honour of riding the world’s tallest observation wheel to a height of 165m high (yes, even taller than the London Eye). It has also been claimed by the project owners that you can see parts of Indonesia and Malaysia when each 4m by 7m capsule reaches its highest point. Your claim to ride Singapore’s latest tourism toy will be supported by knowledge that vibration (but not claustrophobia or irritable bladders) has been eliminated by the latest engineering feats. If you are up to the challenge, the world will literary be under your feet. At least for 30 minutes.

I have yet to try. Would you ride these giant wheels?

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Stardust said...

That's a sure YES!

Anonymous said...

Yes, for couples celebrating an anniversary.

Anonymous said...

Like all things new, I will try at least once.

Anonymous said...

I wait till IR is ready.. at least that is something more to see from above.

For now, I'm contented to have ride on the London Eye in 2005.


Seen This Scene That said...

Would others ride the Singapore Flyer, sooner rather than later? Add comments here. Thanks!

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