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March 14, 2008

Where Is The Best Neighbourhood Playground In Singapore And The World

The Best Neighbourhood Playground In Singapore And The World

If you travel around Singapore’s suburban areas and even within the central business district, you’ll be amazed by the variety of playgrounds distributed outdoors as well as indoor. What qualities do you consider when assessing the suitability of a playground for your child? What factors will lead you to decide if the playground is good, better or the best?

My own considerations are focused on safety and hygiene. To avoid danger to life and limb, I check that structural designs are safe, reliable and free of dangerous defects. I would also educate my children on good hygiene practices. To them, my reminder not to rub their noses nor touch their faces until after hand washing has become a litany of familiar verses. Accidents, unfortunately, do occur. The common occurrences are falls from heights or being pushed or pulled.

Beyond that, whether it is a slide, a swing or a spring-loaded rocking horse, the desirability of playground equipment is a matter for the children to decide. My kids are free to choose what they like to play. Over the years, we have developed affinity to three playgrounds in the neighbourhood. Each playground will get its turn to receive us. I have started to explore more playgrounds around the island, which I may blog about in Seen This Scene That with my recommendations on places of interest at a later date.

Let us return to my question. Where is the best neighbourhood playground around this island (and beyond)? I’ll have to admit it’s a really difficult choice given that I have not seen all the contenders within and beyond our shores. But personally, I feel that the best neighbourhood playground in Singapore or anywhere in the world must be the one nearest to home that your child likes best.

Where is your favourite playground?

Stay happy this weekend.

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West coast park is not bad. Will bring my daughter A to it when she becomes much bigger...hahahah..


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