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April 03, 2008

Singapore's Gardens By The Bay Will Take Over Marina City Park

Closure Of Marina City Park

I was looking for the Marina City Park last week but discovered that the area had been closed since 1 June 2007. Construction work on Singapore's new Gardens By The Bay could be noted through the perimeter fencing. The 101-hectare Gardens will consist of three areas – Marina South, Marina East and Marina Central, to put Singapore on the world's 21st century map with a City-in-a-Garden design. The concept promises to educate and entertain Singaporeans and tourists. It also plans to positively impact the lifestyles and recreational activities of all stakeholders by 2010.

Meanwhile the old 26-hectare Marina City Park is gone, along with a large double tiered pond with an 18-metre high fountain, water terraces, multiple sculptures, the Constellation Plaza for stargazers and the Sundial Plaza for time gazers.

Above: Source PICAS

More information can be found here.

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