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April 02, 2008

Wondering What A Playground Means To Me While At Stadium Waterfront

Wondering What A Playground Means To Me While At Stadium Waterfront Playground

When I see the joy in my children's faces at the playground, it reminds me of my own experience. Days spent with abundant freedom, high-energy spirits and like-minded friends rollicking on the playground of my dreams. As a child, those were the times you looked forward to and never wanted to end. And now life seems to have come full circle. My children are now getting their turn to enjoy these wonderful playground moments. Now I have a legitimate excuse to join them, on the pretext of ensuring their physical safety.

On another level, playgrounds are what I consider as places I go to “play” (think of expressions like: “chill out”, “unwind”, “relax”, “re-charge”) as long as it does not involve work and occurs beyond the home.

All of us have our own favourite “playgrounds”. Some of you may like to travel to exotic locales like Lhasa’s Potala palace in Tibet. Some may like the glamour of a Raffles Hotel stay in Singapore. Some may like to soak in spas like Spa Botanica at The Sentosa Resort & Spa. Some of you may prefer to sip mochas in coffee joints like Starbucks or Coffee Bean. Some would love to sit down to a tasty dine-in at Goodwood Park Hotel’s Gordon Grill or Min Jiang restaurants. Some could live life listening to music on your iPod all day. Some of you may hip-hop the night away at St James Power Station. Others may hang around in shopping centers like Vivocity, Paragon or Ngee Ann City. Some of you may choose to watch F1 Grand Prix races. Some may like to seek retail therapy for Prada or Gucci. For me, what I like most is to visit landscapes with natural scenes, to enjoy the freedom of wide spaces, to immerse in the culture of nature. See it, feel it, taste it, hear it, touch it. I want to use all my senses to appreciate the wonder of Mother Earth.

In Singapore, we are so highly urbanized that natural spaces are a dwindling commodity. Pure natural areas without any form of sanitization (streetlights, washrooms, paved roads, etc) are difficult to find. Yet if you look carefully, there are still pockets of relatively untouched areas on our island worth sightseeing.

Play more. Live More.

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