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May 29, 2008

Garden Hill Park, Singapore: Visit An Outdoor Fitness Place With Fancy Names

Garden Hill Park, Singapore: Visit An Outdoor Fitness Place With Fancy Names

Situated on top of a small hill at Bedok North Street 1 of Singapore, Garden Hill Park is a typical community outdoor fitness park that you may like to visit. Residents from the neighbouring HDB flats seem to patronize this place. Due to its elevated position, visitors looking for this park with its fitness corner will easily miss Garden Hill Park when walking along street level.

If you picture a hill teeming with colourful flowering plants along walking paths like I did, you will be deeply disappointed. Instead of a place filled with gardening plants, Garden Hill Park has a fine collection of utilitarian gadgets in its outdoor fitness corner that serves the local population well.

For instance, there are exercise machines of various types with fancy names like Triple Waist Turning, Single Ellipse, Tai Chi Rotator, Chin Up Bars and Two Level Sit Up. These stationary items allow for strength conditioning, joint mobility and balance training. The East Coast Town Council provides these items in the outdoor fitness place. Garden Hill Park possesses several benches that are scattered around the edge of this hill, with two pavilions for shelter and rest. An open area for group exercises is also available.

If you bring children, they can climb a small rock wall up to about 5 feet high located in Garden Hill Park. For other kinds of playthings, you will need to bring your child down a short flight of stairs to a playground next to block 419.

To be fair in my account, I must state that there are some flowering shrubs like Ixoras at Garden Hill Park. These shrubs are used mainly as decorative boundary markers rather than the focus of attraction. They appear to thrive well, without tall trees stealing their sunlight.

I like Garden Hill Park as the surrounding flats block off traffic noise and pollution to allow for enjoyment of a quiet workout in a cozy community park.

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