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May 28, 2008

National Family Celebrations 2008

National Family Celebrations 2008

Organised by the National Family Council, National Family Celebrations 2008 takes place from 24 May 2008 to 28 June 2008. This annual event rejoices and reinforces the importance of the family. There are promotions galore covering areas like educational, entertainment, food and beverages, retail outlets, service sectors, travel industry and even the National Heritage Board. These promotions are mostly discounts of up to 50% off usual prices or buy X get Y free discount packages.

Click below on the links for details of National Family Celebrations 2008 promotions!

(Singapore Philatelic Museum, Asian Civilisations Museum, Peranakan Museum, Memories at Old Ford Factory, Reflections At Bukit Chandu, Singapore Art Museum, National Museum of Singapore and National Orchid Garden.)

Eat With Your Family Day 2008 Follow-Up

As part of the pre-National Family Celebrations 2008 activity of mine, on Eat With Your Family Day 2008, this was the egg dish that I prepared for my family. While my culinary skills are nowhere near Jamie Oliver’s stratospheric level, previous training in rudimentary survival cooking during my scouting and National Service days helped to ease my transition into a temporary cook on the 23rd of May. The end result? A simple meal with a simple message: It’s the thought and the action that count.

See more places with family. Live more life with family.

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Stardust said...


I give you an A+++ for this amazing produce! Your family must be so proud of the wonderful figure of who you are. =) I really must applaud your effort for bringing your family here and there, and the passion for living more life!

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