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May 13, 2008

Punggol Park Is A Scenic Place To Visit For A Jog

Punggol Park Is A Scenic Place To Visit For A Jog

You would think that a park named “Punggol” ought to be located somewhere in Punggol neighbourhood estate, rather than its present address at the junction of Hougang Avenue 10 and Hougang Avenue 8. This surprise surfaced when I tried to search for this place on a street map for my maiden visit there for a recent walk and jog.

If you drive to this park, you will likely choose to park at the park’s carpark. Near the small coupon-paying carpark with less than twenty lots along Hougang Ave 8 is a restaurant that allows diners a choice of al-fresco dining by the water’s edge or air-conditioned meals at sit-down tables.

This 16-hectare park has a lovely 5-hectare lake as its centerpiece of attraction. Around this scenic lake, visitors can complete a circuit on a purpose-built track. The beautiful landscaped greenery, interspersed with large boulders, appreciably enhanced my jogging experience.

When a photograph-worthy scene presented itself, I could easily find an open bench or sheltered seats to provide non-shake support for my digital camera. These resting points allowed appreciation of Punggol Park’s moderate flow of park users who seemed to respect its scenic tranquility very well. The seats also served as a convenient excuse to spare my lungs and limbs from excessive strain.

Kids from the surrounding neighbourhood populate a children’s playground, while adults occupy themselves at exercise stations in a fitness corner. A small knoll allows park users to organize a quiet family picnic on the slopes, away from unwanted stares of joggers and other passers-by.

Punggol Park is a family-friendly place to visit. There are areas for a bring-your-own-pit barbecue, remote-controlled sail and powerboat activities on the pond and in-line skating on the tracks. With enough amenities to satisfy most neighbourhood residents, I enjoyed my visit to this place despite puffing my lungs out during this trip to Punggol Park

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