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May 12, 2008

Yunnan Park: Playground, Fitness Corner And Old Nanyang University Arch

Yunnan Park: Playground, Fitness Corner and Old Nanyang University Arch

I was in the vicinity of the Jurong West Sports Complex when I saw an unusual sight on the other side of Jurong West Street 93. Fronting the small Yunnan Park was a grand-looking structure with the words “Nanyang University” prominently displayed in mandarin characters. The number “1955” can be clearly noted under the oriental styled roofing.
This interesting novel find at Yunnan Park is a puzzle to me. It looks like a gateway of some sort, although the neighbouring area consists of private landed properties. The present Nanyang Technological University campus is far away, on the other side of the Pan Island Expressway. My guess is that it was an entrance with a road leading to the university campus a long time ago, but property redevelopments could have cut off that road leading to the campus. Incidentally, there is another replica arch at NTU campus.

Elsewhere on this small property, there is a playground for children and a few stations for fitness buffs. To the south of Yunnan Park, construction of the MRT East West Line Extension can be seen. This line will lead to the future Joo Koon MRT station (EW29) just before Joo Koon Circle.

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