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June 18, 2008

Images Taken During My Family's Visit To Peranakan Museum: Published With Written Permission

Images Taken During My Family's Visit To Peranakan Museum: Published With Written Permission

If you read my earlier post on the Peranakan Museum, you would have noticed I wrote that no images of the exhibits in the Peranakan Museum could be published without permission. As a sceptical individual living on an island, I had assumed that their website notice was a polite way of saying NOBODY can publish any images from Peranakan Museum at all. Really. I had even published the earlier text without photos of the exhibits here.

As there was no form on its website to indicate who or where we could approach for permission, I took a chance and e-mailed them on their feedback form, believing it would be swallowed into a blackhole, never to be heard from again. I was really surprised when I received a reply the next day informing me that they were "OK for you to upload your personal photos of the Peranakan Museum on your weblog".

To Ms Joice Toh, Manager, Marketing and Corporate Communications Unit of the Peranakan Museum, thank you! I hope this would not unleash a flood of email requests to keep you from your busy schedule.

So enough talk, here's the photos.

Above 2 pics: The tok panjang (long dining table) with pingang mangkok (bowls and plates) demonstrating fine intricate motifs.

Above: One of the many kamcheng (porcelain pot) that may possibly feed a person with enough nutritional soup for weeks!

Above: Figure-hugging kebayas

Above: curtain of fertility motifs and good-luck amulets

Above: hands-on station for visitors to get in touch with the exhibits.

Above: Order of Temasek medal

Above: my girl trying to figure out whether girls or boys wear these clothes.

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Stardust said...

Wow, this is wonderful! Singapore has shown great improvement in receptiveness! For all the sharing you've done, you actually deserve a credit from the museum! I think the Peranakan is one earliest group that introduced the fine art of living in style. I'm very captivated by the intricate details from China wares, to sarong kebayas. I enjoy this sharing tremendously, so; thank you.

Seen This Scene That said...

Hope you get to come back often and visit these new places. Take care!

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