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June 19, 2008

East Coast Park: Playground At Big Splash

East Coast Park: Playground At Big Splash

Big Splash at East Coast Park was one of my favourite water theme parks when young. Before I had a chance to travel overseas to explore theme parks elsewhere, this was the best water-themed playground for me.

What used to be the highest iconic waterslide (about 7-storeys high) in Singapore’s first ever water-themed park has been replaced by a more down to earth watering hole. The Playground at Big Splash, located at 902, East Coast Parkway, now occupies the site where Big Splash used to sit.

On a visit to East Coast Park's Playground at Big Splash recently, I discovered a collection of low-rise buildings that housed many modern-day dining options and lifestyle amenities with a playground thrown in. If you were expecting a huge open area filled with lots of playground structures to keep your children happy like those mammoth playgrounds at West Coast Park 3 or Pasir Ris Park, you would be sorely disappointed as I. Instead the playground here refered to the indoor mini-golf course, childcare services, in-line skating shop and bicycle kiosk that developers of the site had declared on their website were things kids love.

The fence surrounding the children’s playground with a locked gate and prominent sign hint of its private property status. Across the road from this playground, an open area that can be used as an events location stood before me. I saw visitors practicing in-line skating with like-minded individuals, next to others who were cycling around on their bikes at Playground at Big Splash.

From fast food outlets to sit-in restaurants, visitors who dropped in on East Coast Park's Playground at Big Splash would be spoiled for choice when deciding on the type of cuisine to refuel their bodies after an outing to East Coast Park. Where the foot of the old Big Splash’s waterslide used to stretch out was an uncovered parking lot. Free parking for the first half hour at this place allowed me to scoop up take-away dinner and to drive out before the electronic monitors started charging for usage after 30 minutes.

From the playground at Big Splash, you could walk across the cycling tracks and footpaths to reach the beaches of East Coast Park. There, the sea, sand, sun and familiar East Coast Park beachside fun awaited the child in me. If you pine for the old Big Splash like I did, relive those memories with old photos at LaoKokok's site here.

Most places have names that easily reveal the nature of their activities or function. Unfortunately, the ‘playground’ tag that is used here was not what my children and I had in mind before our recent maiden visit. Still, a visit to East Coast Park is always a pleasure that brings good memories.

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