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June 27, 2008

East Coast Park: Castle Beach, In-line Skates, Barbecue (BBQ) Pit and More

East Coast Park: Castle Beach, In-line Skates, Barbecue (BBQ) Pit and More

Castle Beach
If you ever need help to learn how to build sandcastles at East Coast Park, look no further than Castle Beach near Area E along East Coast Park. This fairy-tale structure that stands more than three times my height, doubles as a convenient meeting place and a focal point for photograph hunters as well as novice sandcastle builders.

While not as elaborately designed as Neuschwanstein Castle in the Bavarian Alps of Germany, the East Coast Park version still looks pretty despite its low-budget appearance. A notice board on Castle Beach reveals that it is a non-profit organization proving sandcastle team building activities for children from under-privileged background, high-risk families and physically challenged conditions (website of non-profit Castle Beach here)

In-line Skates and Bicycle Shops
Teenagers and teens-at-heart who like in-line skating and cycling but did not bring their in-line skates or bicycles will rejoice at the presence of in-line skate rental shop and bicycle rental shop. The in-line skate and bicycle shops are conveniently co-located opposite the reflexology garden .

I spoke to two teenagers minding the in-line skate shop as there were no signboards detailing their charges. They revealed that in-line skate rental costs $10 for the first hour, free for the second and $7 per hour thereafter. Rentals of in-line skates must be returned to their in-line skate shop on time or risk incurring extra charges. The bicycle shop owners displayed their charges prominently. It offered a range of bicycles to choose from, with prices ranging from $6 per hour to $12 per hour for top of the line bicycle models.

Book Barbecue (BBQ) Pit
Barbecue (BBQ) Pit number 51 at Area E stands as the nearest barbecue (bbq) pit to Castle Beach for those interested to book a bbq pit for an evening barbecue. If the barbecue (bbq) party bombs out because of rain, you can always treat your friends and guests to ready-to-eat meals at East Coast Seafood Centre or East Coast Lagoon Food Village.

Fitness and Foot Reflexology Corners, Printed Lanes
Children and their health-conscious parents can work out at the fitness corner nearby as well as at a small foot reflexology garden. Visitors to East Coast Park's beaches can also look for pictures printed into lanes at East Coast Park's shore to decide what to do. Walk if you see the big foot imprints under your feet. Or cycle / in-line skate if you see the logos for cycling / in-line skating. Despite these aids painted onto the lanes, keep an eye out for other East Coast Park users who blatantly ignore these guidelines.

Car park, Meeting Point
The nearest car park is at the car park E2 near the East Coast Lagoon Food Village of East Coast Park. Standard coupon parking rates still applies here. As there is a popular food centre next to this car park, expect to queue for a parking lot during peak dining hours and on weekends. If you come by other transport means, arrange to meet up with your family and friends at Area E Meeting Point. How would you recognise such a Meeting Point? Look for a brightly coloured stack of yellow cubes that stick out from the ground of East Coast Park.

As a note to my readers from overseas, East Coast Park is a 15-kilometre long stretch of sandy beaches, 185 Hectare in size, on Singapore's southern shores that is open to the public without admission charges. If you do visit our little island, a visit to East Coast Park is a worthwhile half-day to full-day tour to meet locals, sample local cuisine and experience a piece of Singapore life.

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Castle Beach sounds interesting. You certainly come up with some fasinating places!

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Credit must go to many of my readers whose blogs also feature places highly worth visiting.

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The Castle Beach is new to me! I'm sure it'll make a scenic spot for pictures. =D Thanks for sharing!

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just been here not too long back. ya the sand castle building is interesting :)

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Hello! Sandcastles sounds intresting by the way......

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