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July 24, 2008

East Coast Park: Eastern Coastal End Walk

East Coast Park: Eastern Coastal End Walk

Like the rest of Singaporeans who make East Coast Park the most popular park in Singapore, we come to the eastern coastal end for quiet walks often. For a sensory feast of sandy beaches, bright open spaces and tall Casuarina trees sashaying to the rhythm of sea breeze, this coastal end of East Coast Park near Changi is the best place to be.

While you would expect plenty of leisure park activities like picnics, jogging, in-line skating and cycling, the human traffic is surprising lower. One good feature is the absence of BBQ pits along the eastern end of East Coast Park to pollute East Coast Park's fresh air.

Our family's favourite all-time activity at East Coast Park, however, is to sit along the beaches. There are plenty of grass patches that allow a poncho to be used for seating arrangements along this end of East Coast Park. We like to stare at the mesmerizing foam patterns as they wash up to shore, watch distant ocean-going ships cross paths in the horizon and read patterns in the ever-changing clouds as they drift by.

The eastern coastal end of East Coast Park in Singapore starts where the National Service Resort and Country Club (NSRCC) is situated at the end of East Coast Walk. From there, it is a short leisurely walk along tree-lined paths that display markings for bicycle and jogging lanes.

Walk past the chalets of the National Service Resort and Country Club (NSRCC) and be greeted by manicured greens of the NSRCC golf course.

This section will end at the mouth of Sungei Bedok where a canal leads out to sea. There are two concrete promontories on either side of this canal where friends have revealed that angling at these spots can be very successful. Even if your fishing does not turn out as expected, the glorious sunsets over East Coast Park should melt a frown into a smile.

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yg said...

with the pcn in place, i see more cyclists and joggers along this stretch. i particularly like the stretch between changi ferry terminal to changi point.

Stardust said...

What a lovely row of flowers. Your writting is so vivid, I feel myself sitting by the sea... Like yg, I particulary love the stretch of shore too.

By the way, I've read your comment, humble winner. Well, that doesn't change my opinion of your great blog anyway. I'm sorry if I've caused uncomfortable thoughts, if any. Keep up the good work, ok?

Seen This Scene That said...

Hi yg, yes I like that beach too. The low flying planes are a bonus.

Seen This Scene That said...

Hi stardust, thanks for the encouragement and keep on blogging too!

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