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July 22, 2008

Make Money: Singapore Nature Parks Show You How

Make Money: Singapore Nature Parks Show You How

You could not have missed today’s front-page moneymaking news on the Straits Times. There is now an opportunity to make money to the tune of one million Sing dollars. If you wish to make a claim for this pot of money, you must make information available that will lead to the capture of Singapore’s number one public enemy; who also appears to be a high profile consumer of money for soaking up so much public resource spent on attempts to search and recapture him.

Two unnamed public-spirited individuals have stepped up to make this offer of money (see Ministry of Home Affairs site ) through the Ministry of Home Affairs. Before this news to make money appeared, the hunt depended on the call of civic duty by residents to report him to the authorities. Now individuals can make money by providing information on him. How does this piece of news on how to make money fit in with Seen This Scene That?

If you remember the posters (Mas Selamat link here) that were plastered all over the parks and gardens of Singapore since the infamous escape of this individual from Singapore’s Whitley Road Detention Centre, stories have linked his whereabouts to nature reserves, the Central Catchment areas and other wooded spaces in Singapore.

If indeed this fugitive is still hiding somewhere in these parks and greenery, residents who enjoy dreaming of how to make money on this Money-No-Enough island now have a uniquely Singaporean chance: make money as you enjoy the fresh air, wide open spaces and rejuvenating greenery of our parks. If you spot this fugitive and report him to the Home Team, you may be on your way to become Singapore’s next millionaire.

To make money this way is a far-fetched reality, similar to the likelihood of a gigantic asteroid kissing Planet Earth to smithereens. In all likelihood, one or more sympathizers may be harboring this fugitive in their home(s). The bait of this huge sum of money is to make publicity, attract the attention of his sympathizer(s) and make them squeal on him for the million-dollar reward. All those working in the service line who make contact with people regularly may also stand a higher chance of spotting the fugitive. Even uncles and aunties in the heartland may be the lucky eyes and ears that could make this money.

It remains to be seen if this monetary reward will work. In the mean time, keep your eyes close to the ground and take precautions for your own safety. While I wish that you would not to be confronted by a dangerous criminal during your recreational walks at the outdoor parks and nature places of Singapore, your park visit might just turn out to be a rewarding one-in-a-million opportunity to make money.

Read more news on how to make money from this million-dollar reward:
1. Ministry of Home Affairs

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