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July 22, 2008

National Education NE Show 2008 Before NDP 2008

National Education NE Show 2008 Before NDP 2008

I am posting more pictures taken by my child. This NE Show 2008 took place on 12 July 2008. The narrative continues here on the National Education NE Show 2008 post.
If you just joined in, check out the earlier posts over at the National Education NE Show series of posts. The aim of the National Education (NE) Show is to instil a sense of pride and belonging in primary 5 students and to bring across the significance of Singapore’s National Day.

On the stage, contingents marched into the Marina Bay floating platform in the traditional military uniform and flags with a guard of honour putting on the synchronised Feu-de-Joie (Fire of Joy) with their raised weapons (not posted here).

The drive past performance by the military police thrilled my child as the drivers stood on their vehicles to break every traffic rule in Singapore. Even the professional photographers in civilian clothes could not resist taking a few shots at the police. Presumably they may 'complain' to higher authorities about the unlawful driving habits of these law enforcers.

The cultural performance segments did not really thrill my child as not many pictures were taken. My child mentioned that they did not seem to be performing in unison at times but that could be because they were still getting their moves and positions correctly on stage.

Lots of singing and dancing which was not captured on digital film by my child. Aren't these suppose to be the popular items for children by children? Perhaps after watching other children perform too many performances in school, they were looking forward to something new.

More photographs can be viewed at official NDP website.

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Jinghui said...

The National Education Show on 12th July that your child attended was an exciting rehearsal, great weather and clear blue sky.

I was there on the 12th July, standing on the Esplanade Bridge, photographing the parade actions.

Seen This Scene That said...

I like your photos of NE Show, at Marina Bay as well as inside Suntec City.

Stardust said...

Wow! Your child has taken so many brilliant shots!! Beautiful captures, you must be so proud of your child. =) She made a good contribution! ;)

STST, I've prepared an award for you at my God-Blessed Box, and I hope you'll collect it. Thanks for your sharing, and please keep up the good work.

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