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July 21, 2008

National Day Parade NDP 2008: NE Show Pictures

National Day Parade NDP 2008: NE Show Pictures

As a continuation of my previous article on the preview of National Day Parade NDP 2008 via the National Education Show NE Show, I am posting more pictures taken by my child. This NE Show 2008 took place on 12 July 2008. I believe there were several such National Education NE shows for Primary Five pupils spread over several Saturdays.

For those who are new to the term National Education NE Show 2008, the aim of the National Education (NE) Show is to instil a sense of pride and belonging in primary 5 students and to bring across the significance of Singapore’s National Day to our future generation. For the kids and little children, it is a time to enjoy a preview of the wonderful package put up by many hardworking citizens who toiled in the rain, sun, sea and air. All lucky kids and little children who present themselves for the NE Show will get to bring home a free bag filled with many goodies (that may appear in another post).

Without further ado, these are the pictures taken at one such National Education NE Show 2008.

To keep students entertained, the MCs encouraged the spectators to join in the Singapore Cheer, sing and do the “Marina Bay Wave”.

There were stunts that arrived by air. The dramatic free fall display by the Red Lions with the curly streaks of coloured smoke and the formation that held up in the sky before the wind erased them were noted in the picture.

The perennial crowd favourite flying act by the Republic of Singapore Air Force Black Knights with their daredevil manoeuvres and heart-shaped tail smoke painted logos in the sky never failed to awe.

The helicopter flypast carrying the national flag was a majestic sight to behold.

On the waters of Marina Bay, there were sea-based activities and performances. Weird shaped balloons, brightly coloured, could be seen next to the pointed cranes. I wonder if any might accidently get punctured.

Water skiers displayed their skills dancing to the waves around the marina Bay.
Read more in my other posts on NE Show 2008.

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