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July 18, 2008

NDP 2008: National Education NE Show

NDP 2008: National Education (NE) Show

In the name of National Education, my child had an opportunity to get close to the preview of National Day Parade NDP 2008 on a recent Saturday. All week long prior to the trip, the excitement over NDP 2008 NE Show was palpable. Like an airborne butterfly dancing between flowers, conversations at home hovered over the impending activities at the Multi-Purpose Facility at Marina Bay without skipping heartbeats.

During my time in primary school, there was no National Education (NE) Show to attend. In fact the NE Show was only started in 1997. Just what is the National Education (NE) Show? It’s really the rehearsal shows of National Day Parades when participants are honing their skills to coordinate their acts and to be ready for the big day on 9th August. The aim of the National Education (NE) Show is to instil a sense of pride and belonging in students and to bring across the significance of Singapore’s National Day. Every year, the NDP full dress rehearsal provides an opportunity for organisers to inculcate National Education (NE) values in primary 5 students across Singapore.

According to my child, the programme for the National Education NE Show commenced with the Pre-Parade Segment at 5.00pm and ended with the Grand Finale at 8.15pm. But I remember sending my child to school at 1pm and fetching home from school after 10.30pm. Many scenes were captured on digital camera and I will share them on Seen This Scene That at a later date. Suffice to say that all her favourite items at the National Education NE Show 2008 were captured on film. As a parent, I'm glad for the immense thrill and enjoyment that the show provided.

How I wish we could also attend the National Education (NE) Show as well as National Day Parade NDP 2008 as a family but NDP 2008 tickets are hard to come by. We shall have to repeat history with NDP live on TV.

The theme for National Day Parade NDP 2008 is “Celebrating the Singapore Spirit”. The theme captures Singaporean’s celebration of the Singapore Spirit. If you are fortunate to lay your hands on the free tickets to NDP 2008, do your homework before heading to Marina Bay on that big day.
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