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July 17, 2008

Tampines Newater Service Reservoir

Tampines Newater Service Reservoir

The mysterious twin towers that was shown under the title Where To Go In Singapore earlier belong to the Tampines Newater Service Reservoir. A large sign near the junction of Tampines Road and Tampines Industrial Avenue 4 proudly proclaims their existence.

I believe they are used to deliver Newater to the factories at Tampines North Wafer Fab Park. Compared to the Bedok Newater Plant at Upper Changi Road, security here isn't too stringent as the main gates were wide open, with enough space for two buses to drive in together, side by side.

I did not linger to check if I could take a peek inside the service reservoir buildings. From the close-up views, the Tampines Newater Service Reservoir buildings are not meant for climbing and sightseeing.Well done to my readers who attempted the question I posed.

If you come for the shopping at Giant hypermart, Ikea furniture centre or Courts Superstore along Tampines Avenue 10, you would be able to catch a glimpse of the Tampines Newater Service Reservoir from your passing bus or car.

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