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July 09, 2008

Where To Go In Singapore To Find This Place

Where To Go In Singapore To Find This Place

Where to go in Singapore to find these buildings with big heads and tiny bottoms? Are there aliens spinning tops somewhere out there in the green fields of Singapore? What are these twin structures?

If you have been following my postings closely, you will realize that I have a soft spot for towers. In my past post on the
Upper Seletar Reservoir look out tower, I fell asleep under the spell of such a tower. Even the towers of Sentosa's Palawan beach have given me a wonderful feeling, besides the majestic views afforded from a position of great height. For a landscape shutterbug, a bird's-eye view is always a welcomed vantage point. Climbing towers has an additional benefit of providing a cardiovascular lift to my heart, that’s bound to a desk in the office for hours.

In the picture, they appear short. If the intrepid adventurer in you dares to go and stand beneath them, the two towers will certainly tower over you many times over.

Did strange aliens with forked tongues in their UFOs send them from another planet? Or are they hastily altered images done by Photoshop novices in a hurry to go for a lunch break?

These twin towers appear somewhere in Singapore where ordinary explorers won’t miss them if they know where to go.

Try to go to the comments section and leave either your best guess or correct answers there.

(1) What are these tower-like structures?
(2) Where to go to find them in Singapore?

Have fun!
[Answer is over at this Seen This Scene That post.]

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Seen This Scene That said...

Thanks for participating in this. I am sure my readers will have no problem identifying this place.

Jem said...

I've seen them before, but I can't remember where! But are you actually able to go up these towers?

yg said...

they are water storage tanks. are these the ones at tampines? the last time i drove past, i saw the words 'new water' and wanted to stop to take a picture.

angel said...

Obrigada pela visita ao meu blog.
See you soon!

peter said...

On Old Tampines Road near some chinese temples

Stardust said...

Hehe, they look like ancient China pieces used for drinking. And if they're truly facilities for processing new water, how they share the fate in contents with the China pieces! =P

It's good to have a ' soft spot ' for something that fascinates you, don't you agree?

Ling That's Me said...

is it the NEWater? located along Old Tampines Road. right? :D

Anonymous said...

I have seen it near Ikea Pasir Ris... before or after the SLE entrance toward Sengkang. In fact, if I am right, this picture was taken on the SLE.

Seen This Scene That said...

Hi everyone,i'll give some time to let others have a try before I release the answer and spoil the fun. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

It is located near Tampines Quarry. I was there last Sunday.

Anonymous said...

go tampines interchange take bus 72. and u will see de thing

bernie said...

that 2 water tower is located at old tampines road

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