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July 10, 2008

Admiralty Park: Republic Polytechnic To Admiralty West Prison

Admiralty Park: Republic Polytechnic To Admiralty West Prison

One of the many places to visit in Singapore where I feel liberated from work is Admiralty Park. This free public park that offers lush rolling landscape in a tranquil spacious setting – features that are severely lacking around my office, instantly transforms my spirits whenever I come to this place to visit.

Nparks' Admiralty Park begins seamlessly where Republic Polytechnic stands at the junction of Woodlands Avenue 9 and Riverside Road, with its opposite corner ending next to Admiralty West Prison along Admiralty Road. This 27-hectare park consists of two components, the 7-hectare recreational zone and a 20-hectare nature zone. When I was there, only the recreational zone with a fitness park and educational wi-fi hotspots for Internet connectivity under shelters provided by Republic Polytechnic administrators.

I was surprised to find no physical barrier between Republic Polytechnic and Admiralty Park. In blurring the boundaries between Republic Polytechnic and Admiralty Park, students and park users get to enjoy more freedom of park and institutional spaces. At Admiralty West Prison side, no such liberties exist in the boundary between Admiralty Park and the Prison for obvious security reasons.

The east entrance to Admiralty Park leads into rolling hillocks filled with open spaces and well-maintained greenery. I find this undulating terrain that reaches about 3 to 4 storeys high at its peak to be a refreshing change from other parks in Singapore. As you walk along this hilly park corridor where jogging and cycling paths run alongside each other, you will reach the west entrance, a car park for about 25 vehicles is available.

Underneath this car park, I discovered a void deck for gatherings and entertainment purposes called the Activity Centre. A scheme exists here where park users can apply to use this space. Bookings can be done on the spot via a self-service system. After filling in your details, park users drop their application form into a box and proceed to use the area for personal functions.

A lotus pond that extends from the mangrove swamp sits at the foot of this double-storey car park cum public space. An amphitheatre-like seating arrangement was carved into the natural slopes of Admiralty Park, blending concrete and nature into a symbiotic whole.

The saga against feeding of monkeys continues at Admiralty Park. I saw 'No Feeding Of Monkeys' signs posted prominently around the park. A fine of $500 is clearly displayed. During this trip, a mild drizzle kept Admiralty Park's resident monkeys away from my sight.

The nature zone of Admiralty Park with its exciting 20-hectare mangrove swamp component was still bordered up. It has been scheduled to open in mid-2008 with the prospect of eco-walks along the mangrove swamps of what was once Sungei Cina.

Zen-like undulating greenery, soothing water feature, freedom of space and isolated like-minded visitors come together at Admiralty Park to turn it into one of the places to visit for betterment of the soul in a fast-paced roller coaster world.

Click this 'MAP' for a map of Admiralty Park.

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Anonymous said...

very very interesting blog you have here...

i most probably will be visiting that fishing farm you mentioned in one of your older post with my son this weekend...IF the weather is GOOD!!

i worked at Admiralty Street couple of years back and yet never took notice of this park.

Seen This Scene That said...

Hi km, welcome! thanks for visiting and adding a comment. do take a look at this park especially when the mangrove swamp is fully operational. Take care!

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