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July 11, 2008

Latest Singapore Places To See: Sengkang Riverside Park

Latest Singapore Places To See: Sengkang Riverside Park

According to URA Draft Masterplan 2008 in its special and detailed controls plans for Parks & Waterbodies Plan, this park in Sengkang will be called Sengkang Riverside Park. It will soon be one of the latest Singapore places to see when it is ready for park users.

This latest Singapore place to see is bounded by Tampines Expressway to the north, the Sengkang Eastway to the south, Fernvale Street to the west, and parts of Sungei Punggol, Anchorvale Crescent and Anchorvale Street to the east.

Three areas to see at this park in Singapore have been marked on a plan, hung outside the construction site. The Sengkang Riverside Park will have a Visitor Centre as seen in the photograph with the sheltered pavilion, a mangrove plot for nature walks and a civic plot presumably to house playgrounds, fitness equipment and the usual park amenities.

My photographs are unfortunately not the latest as they were taken in May 2008 but I’m sure there will be more progress by now. I am waiting with eager breath to see the latest park blossom in Singapore’s Sengkang Riverside Park.

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