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July 12, 2008

Marina Barrage: Singapore Bay Run and Army Half Marathon 2008

Marina Barrage: Singapore Bay Run and Army Half Marathon 2008

2008 will see Asia's first competitive run to use the iconic Marina Barrage as part of its route for the Singapore Bay Run and Army Half Marathon. This annual SAFRA and Army event will be held on Sunday 24th August 2008. For runners participating in the 21km route of the Singapore Bay Run and Army Half Marathon 2008, the opportunity to make history will be memorable.

The Marina Barrage is the first reservoir to be built in the city. This dam built across the Marina Channel forms Singapore’s 15th reservoir. A project by the Public Utilities Board (PUB), the national water agency, the Marina Barrage will bring a new source of water supply to Singapore, provide flood control and offer a unique lifestyle attraction with a host of recreational opportunities.

Participants in the 21-km competitive event of the Singapore Bay Run and Army Half Marathon 2008 can run across the 350 metre wide Marina Channel on the Marina Barrage to enjoy the sea on one side and the future fresh water reservoir on the other. I believe that may also be the first time the Marina Barrage will be open to the public for use.

Non-competitive runners and walkers can also take the shorter 6 or 10 kilometre routes over the Sheares Bridge to enjoy scenic CBD and Marina Bay views.

Non-runners can also visit to soak in the carnival atmosphere that will feature games, sports and entertainment. These will be designed to celebrate the spirit of the Olympics as well as the closing of the 2008 Olympic Games. Representatives from Special Olympics Singapore will also be present to join in the fun.

Mr Teo Chee Hean, Minister for Defence will be the guest of honour. Participants will start the run from Esplanade Drive, up the Benjamin Sheares Bridge and continue through the Central Business District. Runners will finish their races at the Padang.

I ran (and walked) in the non-competitive 6-kilometre race during previous editions and must say I enjoyed a different dawn view of the CBD and Marina Bay area of this SAFRA National Service Association and Army organised event. I saw many other walkers of different ages, with some as young as their new baby prams who were brought along by their enthusiastic parents. If you like nature trails, wide spaces and sunrises, give this concrete trail a chance to enchant you.

Singapore Bay Run and Army Half Marathon 2008

Event Date: 24 August 2008
Start Point: Esplanade Drive
End Point: Padang

For details and on-line registration, sign up at SAFRA online.

For the running route map, click Bay Run Route Map.

Competitive Categories
21km Army Half Marathon
10km Singapore Bay Run

Non-Competitive Categories
10km Singapore Bay Run
6km Singapore Bay Run

Registration closing date: 15 July 2008 (normal charges)
Final registration closing date: 31 July 2008 (higher charges)
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Jinghui said...

I am running the upcoming 21km AHM, really looking foward to the new Marina Barrage, enjoying a totally new scenery of SIngapore landscape.

Thereafter, I would probably explore the potential photography locations !

Seen This Scene That said...

Running 21 km is really commendable. To top it off, you get to take photos of the newest attraction in Singapore. I look forward to see those pictures in your blog!

Stardust said...

So, will you be running again? ;)

Seen This Scene That said...

I'll be running (and walking) come rain or shine. One of the few chances to get up Sheare's bridge to snap a few photos in the morning coolness.

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