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July 14, 2008

Walk At Hortpark On Southern Ridges Park Connector Again

Walk At Hortpark On Southern Ridges Park Connector Again?

There are many great parks and places in Singapore to walk, to suit every mood, season, inclination and reason. With so many parks and places in Singapore to choose for visits, would you walk at a select few spots, like the Southern Ridges Park Connector’s Hortpark, without hesitation? Certainly! For my family and I, this gardening hotspot at Hortpark will never be retired from our permanent list of must-walk-again-and-again kind of place.

With hindsight from our previous walk at Hortpark, (read about hortpark here), the beating of a hot afternoon sun should not be tolerated if you prefer to maintain fair-skinned complexions, zero risk of developing skin cancers and perspiration-free armpits.

Your hortpark walking and tour itinerary should allow plenty of free time to wander and meander around the various flowers, plant species and outdoor exhibits. Revisit old park spots to understand better why certain Hortpark landscaping areas appeal more to the senses than others during your walks.

I would also add that the company you bring along for the walk at Hortpark would have a bearing on your enjoyment of Hortpark features. From a soloist on a pensive escapade to a gregarious extended family picnic setting, and many combinations in between the two extremes, I can see Hortpark bending backwards to accommodate all kinds of walkers.

It would take many more paragraphs to elucidate all the reasons why one should visit and walk at the Southern Ridges Park Connector’s Hortpark again and again. As a saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand walks ...er I mean words”, I hope my photographs taken during my walk at Hortpark will make the appropriate ‘walk the talk’ statements.

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Stardust said...

What a lovely picture you've put up there, and thanks for taking us for a walk. =) Really keen about visiting Hortpark one day since the promise of blooms and shades.

Seen This Scene That said...

Yes, Hortpark is a beautiful place to visit.

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