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July 03, 2008

Fun Places To Visit Singapore: Bottle Tree Park

above picture: one of the fun places to visit for longkang fishing

Fun Places To Visit Singapore: Bottle Tree Park

If you have been looking for fun places to visit in Singapore, for children and adults, look no further than Bottle Tree Park located at 81 Lorong Chen Charu in Yishun. At the recommendation of fellow blogger yg, I brought my children and wife to visit and examine if this was worthy of being considered one of the fun places to visit in Singapore for children and adults in our all-work-and-little-play lifestyles.

This park that is open daily for free entry has a wide ‘rojak’ collection of fun places to visit with various recreational amenities. From my three children's point of view, the following are their favourite fun places to visit for ‘playing’, listed in descending order of desirability: Long Kang fishing, prawn fishing, children’s playground, Swan Pedal Ride, wooden swing, vegetable farm, Other activities and facilities like the freshwater fishing pond, seafood restaurant, cafĂ©, Paintball shooting range, bullock cart and a majestic Bottle Tree were not even on their fun-places-to-visit radars.

My own observations of this fun place to visit at the time of our visit revealed that the most popular fun activity was 'longkang' fishing followed closely by prawn fishing. I could see packed crowds of children at the longkang fishing area. The kids were rushing after fishes, competing in shin-deep longkang water with one another. Their hurried chase in catching fishes could have stemmed from the fear of missing out on the action before all the longkang fishes were caught. Even after the next top-up by the longkang fishing owners, they were still working in overdrive mode. Some even had their parents and maids to help increase their bounty. The longkang fishing station is open daily at $10 per child (for tank and net) from 9 am to 12 midnight.

Next to this hive of long kang fishing activity, I noted that the prawn fishing area attracted a sizeable fun crowd but with more decorum and less noise. Although packed with adults seated under cool shade, there was a more refined display of skillful prawning action. The subdued prawn fishing atmosphere here was a sharp contrast to the longkang fishing scene, with patience honed into a fine art as everyone focused intently on his or her own line and bait. To me, it appeared unfortunate that this fun prawn fishing station tested each individual's prawning skill severely as I did not see many successful catches.

There are small plots of vegetables cultivated under protective netting that make this one of the fun places to visit in Singapore. The absence of labels for the various vegetables and plants impeded visitor education. For kids and adults who believe that Singapore does not grow its own vegetables, a visit here could open eyes. Vegetables are available for sale within the premises.

Fishing enthusiasts may count this as one of the places to visit in Singapore. There is freshwater pond fishing at $35+ per day from 8am to 5pm on weekends and public holidays only. You have to bring your own rod and baits to catch fishes like Toman, Patin and Pink Tilapia.

Adults will consider this one of the fun places to visit in Singapore if they like Paintball, a game involving live paintball ammunition and moving or stationary targets. As a National Serviceman who fired live rounds during military exercises, I was tempted to refresh my shooting skills at the Paintball Shooting range. However, the lack of time, family members’ disinterest and not being in proper attire (like my NS Number 4 uniform) convinced me not to try. Perhaps if any of you, my dear readers, have tried, kindly share your experience.

This is one of the fun places to visit in Singapore if you like to sample a little of everything at one place without having to travel all over the island for separate activities. If you are a serious hobbyist who only likes to specialize in one particular activity, like freshwater fishing or even prawn fishing without any disturbance from noisy kids, there may be other better locations.

Activities available:
Map available at Bottle Tree Village page.
All prices subject to change:
Long Kang Fishing = $10 per child (under twelve years old)
Prawn Fishing Farm = $13.50 per hour. Cheaper rates if longer.
Pond Fishing ($35+ per day)
Swan Float Rides ($9 per 15 mins)
Children’s playground (free)
Wooden swings (free)
Paintball Shooting (charges apply)

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yg said...

i was at the bottletree park this morning and i saw children and adults in the longkang fishing area very determined to catch the fish. some of them were in the water using their hands to catch the fish.

another place you may want to take your children to is farm-mart at sungei tengah. there is prawn fishing but no longkang fishing. on weekends, more stalls are open for business.

Seen This Scene That said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I will line it up for the school holidays.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I went to Bottle Tree Park this morning with my kids and we had so much fun!
Thanks for this post :)

~adele augustin

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