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May 16, 2008

Fun Places For Children To Visit In Singapore

Fun Places For Children To Visit In Singapore

Recently, an avid reader of my blog Seen This Scene That asked me for a list of suggestions on fun places to bring her two children (seven-year-old and twelve-year-old) for a fun-filled learning visit. Several others had earlier enquired about such fun places for their children to visit as well.

While I do not profess to have seen all available sights and fun places for children to visit in Singapore, I shall compile my recommendations on children-friendly / kids-friendly places around Singapore. These fun places to visit based on my children’s personal experiences and recollections. This list of fun places for children to visit in Singapore is by no means definitive, and may be updated over time and as circumstances change.

Here’s the recommendation on fun places for children to visit in Singapore that your kids may also like:

Pony riding and feeding at Pasir Ris Park
This perennial favourite of my children is truly an activity made in paradise. A visit to Pasir Ris Park near the MRT station in White Sands in eastern Singapore will allow your children to admire, touch, feed and ride ponies in a stable that’s open to the public. All these activities are free of charge, except for the pony fun rides and formal riding lessons. [read more]

Milking And Feeding Animals (Goat) In Kranji
A touch of Australia exists in Kranji, Singapore’s northwestern outpost in the form of farms created by Singaporeans for residents and tourists. Let your kids grab this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hand-feed and milk goats as you familiarize your children with the sight and smell of these cute animals. [read more]

Fruit & Vegetable Farms In Kranji
Get your child to unlearn the belief that fruits and vegetables grow in supermarket buckets. Bring them to a real fruit or vegetable farm in Kranji to see how water from the soil reaches the growing parts. Let kids discover for themselves the real deal that can be turned by a good chef into a great meal. [read more]

Singapore Botanical Garden Kids Corner
Surprise your children with the diversity of flowers, herbs and plants at the Kids Corner of the Singapore Botanic gardens. Let them be entertained and enchanted by the amazing samples hidden around the sprawling gardens. This park is known as Jacob Ballas Children's Garden, a great place for children (where adults need to be accompanied by children) to visit in Sigapore. [read more]

Newater Visitor Centre
This national treasure cum entertainment complex is a high-tech mouth-watering experience that children and adults must visit to believe. Be educated on the four taps of Singapore’s water supply and learn water-saving methods for immediate money-saving application in your homes. Receive a free bottle of Newater for each child who visits by appointment. [read more]

Adventure Playground At West Coast Park 3
This playground in a park along West Coast Road is a popular hangout for children and older kids. Many opportunities exist for the adventurous child to tackle the challenging exhibits in a fun-filled activity. Even young-at-heart adults have been spotted acting crazily while trying to overcome the obstacles in this adventure play land. Another one of the fun places to bring children to visit in Singapore. [read more]

Sand Castle-Building at East Coast Park And Other Beaches
Singapore has numerous beaches with clean sand for children and younger kids to display their sand castle building talents. Choices of good beaches include East Coast Park, Pasir Ris Park, Changi Beach Park and Sembawang Beach Park. East Coast Park has Singapore’s longest stretch of sandy shoreline that is easily accessible by bicycle, roller-blade, in-line skate, bus, taxi and private cars or on foot. [read more]

Plant Nursery Learning At Bishan Park
Increase your child’s knowledge and appreciation for all plant things big and small at this plant nursery with more than 100 species of herbs, plants and flowers. Hands-on lessons are conducted on regular first Saturday mornings of each month. [read more]

Nature Walks at Lower Peirce Reservoir And Other Reservoirs
Strengthen your kids’ leg power and stamina as you bring them to explore the hiking routes available at Lower Peirce Reservoir. The boardwalk, located at the edge of the reservoir offers a safe way to witness the flora and fauna of the reservoir’s primary rainforest habitat without getting wet feet. [read more]

Prawn Fishing in Pasir Ris
Numerous prawn ‘farms’ exist in Pasir Ris estate such as at the Pasir Ris Town Park, Pasir Ris Farmway 1 and Pasir Ris Farmway 3. Let your child pick up a new skill while learning about patience as they try to bait live prawns for supper. Feed your hungry stomachs at a barbecue on-site with your successful catch, if any. [read more]

Edutainment At Singapore Science Centre
Learn how electricity, light, sound and theory can be used to impress your children to no end for a fun-filled outing to the Singapore Science Centre. Slated to shift to a new location in Jurong Lake soon, come visit the only educational center that combines play and learning into a family friendly activity that the majority of Singaporean school-going children grew up with, before the present site disappears for good. [read more]

Singapore Zoological Gardens
All kids will love seeing the exotic animals in this mega-mall of wild life creatures. How can any child resist the invitation to watch animals perform on stage, or come into close interaction with farm creatures? In a highly urbanized place like Singapore that has almost no habitat for wild animals, this is the only place to catch a glimpse of the Savannah’s “Big Five” without leaving on a plane.

It has been difficult for me to trim the long list that I have into a shortened version without serving injustice to the many other wonderful places that are not mentioned. I am sure some of my fun places may not be fun to you, or the list may differ from your expectations. If you feel strongly that there is another worthwhile sight, activity or fun place of interest to visit, kindly add your comments to share with the greater community. You could also email to me: seenthisscenethat [at] yahoo [dot] com [dot] sg.

Join me in exploring our island for more interesting and fun places of interest for children to visit. I shall update this list whenever I discover exciting new destinations.

See more places. Live more life.

seen this scene that

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yg said...

hi seenthisscenethat,
if i may add to your list: longkang fishing at hausmann at neo tiew crescent or at qian hu at sungei tengah. the children will also enjoy feeding the japanese carps at these two places. i think the hort park at hyderabad road also caters to kids as i saw a playground within the garden hub.

Gorgeous Traveller said...

Can I just share that I love love Singapore! :) That's why I take Singapore Airlines to Manila so I can stop for at least 2 days!

Can't wait to read more from your blog nice places to visit in your city!

PS. Hope you dont mind if I add you to my blogroll! Thanks

Seen This Scene That said...

Hi yg, thanks for sharing your valued thoughts. I will check out those recommendations. Thanks for reading my blog.

Seen This Scene That said...

Hi Marie, Thanks for reading my blog. I am passionate about places of interest and like to share them with everyone out there around the world. You are welcomed to add my site to your blogroll. Hope you enjoy your trip to Singapore. Take care!

Jan said...

hey there...i supposed the merry-go-round picture that u used is not taken in s'pore? i'm actually looking for merry-go-round for my photoshoot but don't think i can find it here :(

Seen This Scene That said...

Hi jan, you'll be surprised that this was photographed at Downtown East(Pasir Ris) many months ago during a carnival. Not sure if it's still there. anyone been there lately?

Jan said...

ooh really? i haven't been to downtown east for many years already...the merry-go-round looks very pretty! i shall go down to take a look when i'm free!

Jerry said...


You show a picture of a lovely Carousel....in your posting Fun Places for Kids in Singapore..

Can you kindly tell me where in Singapore we can find this Carousel?

Thanks, Jerry

Seen This Scene That said...

Hi Jerry

I can confirm that it is at the atrium of Downtown East, beside the new NTUC E-Hub building. Still there as of today.

Thanks for your interest in Seen This Scene That!

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