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August 21, 2008

Dirty Beaches of Singapore: Pasir Ris Beach

Dirty Beaches of Singapore: Pasir Ris Beach

You would have heard about one of the dirty beaches of Singapore recently. Apparently authorities have found some bacteria contamination of sea water at Pasir Ris beach. While most beach visitors would not bat an eyelid at rubbish left behind by beachgoers or barbecue pit users, this dirty beach at Pasir Ris park's beachside waters is a little more serious than plain litter.

Warning signs such as this one shown above have sprung up along the beaches of Pasir Ris park in the northeastern corner of Singapore. Visitors are warned that the water is unclean and unsafe. Water sports and water-based activities are highly discouraged for fear of picking up skin or intestinal illnesses from touching / accidental drinking of contaminated sea water.

Questions remain on the source of the contamination. What is causing Pasir Ris beach to be one of the dirty beaches in Singapore? Would the contamination spread to Changi beach and other beautiful beaches around the coastal rim of Singapore? How long more would this "dirty beaches" tag stay on at Pasir Ris beach?

Let's hope Pasir Ris beach can shake off its "dirty beaches" tag soon. Otherwise lovers of water-based sports and activities will have to hang out at other beaches of Singapore to satisfy their sea sports cravings a while longer.

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Lam Chun See said...

I have not been to Pasir Ris beach; but I am pretty sure, in terms of dirtiness, it is no match for the Kallang River. At low tide you can see so much dirt and rubbish. Yet we see so many people using it for kayaking, dragon boating and water skiing.

Admin said...

Thanks for sharing your observation. I will keep a look out for those unpleasant things at Kallang river next visit. Most water sports participants are more keen on their sports than the detrimental effects of 'dirt and rubbish'. Perhaps they also did not witness such dirty things to become fearful for their health.

Lam Chun See said...

Go at low tide to the spot under the Merdeka Bridge near Stadium Link.

Anonymous said...

Have you check-out the PUB's Changi East Reclamtion Area? Apparently sludge is dumped here. The air here smells of urine and waste. You can enter by a road next to the Changi Water reclamation Plant which is next to the RSAF Changi East Air Base.

Admin said...

Hi Peter, thanks for alerting us to another dirty place in Singapore. I shall follow the smell to check it out :-)

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