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August 20, 2008

Water Cable Ski Places in Singapore: East Coast Area

photo: Water Cable Ski Places at East Coast Lagoon

Water Cable Ski Places in Singapore: East Coast Area

On the East Coast area that used to be the East Coast Lagoon sits Water Ski 360, billed as the first water cable ski recreational park in Singapore. Of the several water cable ski places in Singapore, this water cable ski park is placed in a sheltered body of water located at East Coast Park Service Road.

From carpark E1 at East Coast Parkway (ECP), it is a short walk across a path meant for cycling, inline skating, roller blading and pedestrian use to reach East Coast Lagoon.

At this sports park for water cable skiing, thrill seekers can attach themselves to a wakeboard and hang on to a wire for hours as a system of pulleys drags participants around in circles (360 degrees) for hours of water cable ski fun in one of the many fun places under the East Coast sun.

You can differentiate the semi-professionals from the novices by counting the seconds before a water cable ski participant loses his or her grip on the ski wire. While I do not have the inclination to try cable ski out, others who tried have enthused about its high degree of water ski thrills and spills.

Water cable ski usage fees apply, while equipment rental is also available on site. Even if you do not engage in water cable ski sport, you can grab a chair to sit as there many sitting places at the restaurant that carries the same name. Just be careful that you do not develop nausea as you watch water cable ski enthusiasts perform vertiginous 360-degree cable-led water spins in one of east coast’s many outdoor sporting places.

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Casdok said...

I think you should have tested this out!! :)

Jinghui said...

This lagoon had went through a great transformation, before this change, it wasn't that a nice sight.

Now it has its fun activities + nice restaurant too !

baby said...

nice scenarios

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