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August 06, 2008

Have You Seen This Crocodile In Pasir Ris Park?

Photo: Straits Times Page H6 on 6 August 2008

Have You Seen This Crocodile In Pasir Ris Park?

Hunters from PUB, Nparks, photography clubs and nature lovers are descending on the mangrove swamp near Tampines River canal in Pasir Ris Park to ‘shoot’ the newest reptilian addition in Singapore’s northeastern coastal land. Most visitors are looking for a souvenir photograph, while experts are aiming to catch it.

According to the Straits Times published today, authorities are working to trap the reptiles so as to remove the danger posed to Pasir Ris Park visitors. Experts believe the crocodile sighted is likely to be an estuarine or saltwater crocodile. These are common in mangroves and rivers in the region and can grow up to 8 metres long. They feed on monkeys, small deer, pigs, monitor lizards, fish, snakes and water birds. Cages with bait and nets in the water, plus a dose of experience and luck, are ingredients for a successful capture of these reptiles.

While experts believe crocodiles tend to avoid people, these same experts also advise that we should avoid them too.

Anyone who spots the crocodile can call PUB at 1800-2846600 (24-hour hotline).

Does the presence of a crocodile indicate that our upgraded mangrove swamp has become such an ecological Eden that it has attracted more inhabitants than intended? Is the timing of the crocodile’s appearance with the contamination of the beach at Pasir Ris Park just a coincidence or are they related? Are there more crocodiles hiding along the coast, waiting for the near hysteria of public attention to dissipate before they make a re-appearance? Are there more crocodiles in the river mouths and mangrove swamps in other parks in Singapore?

Time will reveal the answers. In the meanwhile, besides keeping an eye for the other wanted fugitive, you have this wanted buaya to catch too. Take care on your visits to park places in Singapore.
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Jinghui said...

Nice post you had written here !

I recalled crocodiles being spotted in other parts of Singapore too, however, they didn't seem to be found!

Recalled the elephants that visited us on Pulau Ubin too, by swimming across the sea !

Singapore is small, nevertheless, still have its interesting animal discoveries & visits !

Anonymous said...

Good post - I saw the crocodile yesterday, very small & cute & got a good photo. I hope they dont catch it (maybe mum & dad aren't so cute) - see photo on www.asiaphotostock.com


Stardust said...

The Mike guy SAW the crocodile! What a catch! He got to buy 4D!

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