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August 08, 2008

Images And Places In Singapore Seen On NDP

Images And Places In Singapore Seen On NDP

You’ll recognize this sense of dejavu when images like cakes, parties, drinks, feasting, family and friends are seen during one’s birthday party. What do you think are the images and places in Singapore, seen on National Day Parade (NDP)?

Emotion on the anniversary of their own births can consume some individuals. Perhaps it can be seen as a positive sign that these individuals have pressed the pause button on a busy work schedule in Singapore, seen how time has sped by and realized that it’s the relationships that connect you to people that make a great life.

No, it’s not my birthday today, nor am I going to bore my Singapore readers about it anyway. As August 9, 2008 approaches, I shall bring up images and places in Singapore, seen on NDP, on our nation’s birthday.

Celebrated by the Republic of Singapore on 9 August 2008, the National Day Parade (NDP) is the party for the nation. When a nation celebrates its birthday like during NDP, what is the significance? Does the day of NDP bear any meaning to you?

Do you go about displaying patriotic NDP images and give hand-on-chest declarations of love for Singapore? Do you reiterate NDP slogans about Singapore, seen on TV advertisements? Do you install flags on your balcony and NDP posters on your weblog’s sidebar? Do you sing or hum jingoistic NDP songs about Singapore seen on the official website? Did you even visit the NDP 2008 website?

There is no need to do any or all of these to show your support for NDP and Singapore. In the four chambers of your heart, you know the answer to that question. Only you can tell the significance of the NDP for yourself.

All these well-intended demonstrations of patriotism for Singapore, seen yearly at every NDP, are what you and I have come to expect, and accept.

Watching the NDP show, whether at Marina Bay or on home TV this year, will certainly make many Singaporean hearts flutter. New stunts, fireworks displays and mass performances to be seen on the upcoming NDP show will excite viewers to no end. At its conclusion, we shall rise to vocalize our commitment to the nation with pride.

After all, the greatest birthday show for Singapore during NDP is meant to celebrate another year of maturity, cheer our hardworking population, inspire our future generation and raise the spirits of a nation. Bread-and-butter NDP show routines are seen packaged with wholesome life goodness, family-friendly themes, a few offbeat performances, fast-paced commentaries and a cosmopolitan viewer-ship.

The images and places in Singapore seen on NDP depend on which group of Singaporeans you belong to:

A washroom break and the NDP show will be seen in the living room’s goggle box. A performance for the umpteenth time and the NDP stage will appear right under your feet. A final take-off call and NDP’s Marina Bay venue will shrink through your ascending aircraft’s window. A coffee break and the office walls will beckon to you 24/7 to strive harder for your year-end bonus. A final snapshot and post-NDP images will be seen on the Net. An outdoor walk and places in Singapore seen by me may show up on a blog.

Whatever your inclinations, you and only you can decide the images and places in Singapore, seen on NDP.

Happy Birthday Singapore!
Happy NDP weekend to all my readers!

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Happy NDP weekend to you too STST, I'll be looking forward to your update on NDP!

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