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August 11, 2008

Team Singapore: Beijing Olympic Games

Team Singapore: Beijing Olympic Games

Beijing Olympic Games Opening Ceremony: photo taken from TV

The Olympic Games is a family-friendly, once-in-four-year global sporting event that has captivated me for a long time. To keep enthusiasm for the Olympic Games at a high level over four years is a tricky process; but after watching the breathtaking opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games, my old bones tell me the Olympic Games fever is starting to soar again.

With the brilliant Zhang Yimou-directed sequences, the Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony has set the bar much higher than previous Olympic Games editions. With 5000 years of Chinese history translated into a scripted series of mass displays, traditional dances, high-tech visual lighting and overflowing fireworks, the impact was simply awesome.

When Team Singapore entered Beijing’s Bird Nest Stadium, led by table tennis star and flag-bearer Li Jiawei, the expectations began to rise. Our Beijing Olympic Games Singapore team is the largest to gather at any Olympic Games venue and appears to be well-prepared for Olympic glory. Regardless of medal-winning chances, a trip to the Olympic Games is a hard-to-come-by learning experience, which I hope will spur our Singaporean athletes to give of their best.

This is also a learning experience for my family as the kids will learn more about Team Singapore and the sports that our Olympians excel in. Hopefully, this will spur them to become more active and develop interest in a new sport or two.

I will be watching Team Singapore closely during the Beijing Olympic Games. I will be cheering the team on home TV in Singapore. And hopefully the team can give Singaporeans more reasons to support them.

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