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August 12, 2008

Labrador Park And Nature Reserve

Labrador Park And Nature Reserve

Since 1 January 2002, Labrador Park’s 10-ha coastal secondary vegetation and the rocky shore have been gazetted as a Nature Reserve. The non-descript turn off from Labrador Ville Road into Singapore’s Labrador Park and Nature Reserve hides an adventurous place for families with kids to visit.

Kids Run
At the roundabout near the top of Labrador Park and Nature Reserve, we started our visit to this protected piece of land after parking at car park A. The impressive looking RainTree Resort and Spa posed a temporary distraction before we realized that most of Labrador Park’s attractions were in the opposite direction. With lots of space, our kids loved to chase each other and run at will.

Labrador Park and Nature Reserve: Heritage Site

The hill on Labrador Park and Nature Reserve houses remnants of the Labrador Battery that was assigned to this area to defend Singapore during World War II, as well as the Labrador Tunnels. There is an excellent heritage site on Labrador Park and Nature Reserve because of the artillery pieces and many graphic illustrations with written explanation to describe the details of this military involvement along the Labrador Nature Reserve trail.

Labrador Park and Nature Reserve: Guns

Old Guns
Among the exhibits, the huge 6-inch guns of Labrador Park and Nature Reserve impressed my kids tremendously. With statues of soldiers posing with cannon shells, it did not take them long to decipher the significance of this art installation. I felt that it would have greatly increased our appreciation of the target areas out at sea if views were not obstructed by overgrowth of vegetation.

Walking past the Olive Restorante, the Labrador Tunnels beckoned but we were there too late as the last paid guided tour of the tunnels at Labrador Park and Nature Reserve was at 6pm. If you wish to learn more, read more on the Labrador Tunnels here.

Labrador Park and Nature Reserve: Sunset at jetty

Setting Sun
At the top of Labrador Park and Nature Reserve, a panoramic view of the Labrador jetty reaching out to the sea and sky awaits visitors. If you come here at sunset like we did, you can take in the breathtaking scene. This sea-cliff at Labrador Park and Nature Reserve is the only rocky sea-cliff in mainland Singapore.

Beach and Jetty Fun
After being intoxicated by the beauty of sunset, try to climb down the long flight of steps that extend about 30-metres down the side of Labrador Park and Nature Reserve’s steep cliff without tripping over. Watch out for the overhanging branches in the secondary forest as you make your way down the stairs. At the end of this descent, let the sea breeze have fun with your hair while you stand on the jetty (the entrance gate to the jetty closes at 5pm). If you come at low tide, have more fun as you roam the seabed in order to appreciate the diverse marine inhabitants of the beach at Labrador Park and Nature Reserve.

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Jinghui said...

Labrador Park and Nature Reserve had changed a lot over the years.

I recalled when I was younger (early 90s), the tunnels weren't totally closed. The BP Oil refinery pipelines were still leading towards the tankers on the beautiful jetty now. The beach area was dull, quite polluted.

Presently, beautiful restaurants, lovely sunset sceneries from the jetty and a nice tranquil community for BBQ, gatherings, fishing and activities !

yg said...

it is the place i go to when i seek tranquility.

did you go to the extension of the park where you can see bukit chermin?

Admin said...

Hi jinghui, thanks for sharing about your past experience at labrador park.

Admin said...

Hi yg, I did not wander that far on this visit. Have you seen bukit chermin?

yg said...

bukit chermin is the location of the keppel club. you can see the club-house from the labrador park extension.

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