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August 13, 2008

Have You Visited Hort Park?

As a first for SeenThisSceneThat, I am conducting a simple online poll of my readers. As I am passionate about family-friendly places that are related to nature, sky and space, I have chosen Hort Park, a new hangout on the Southern Ridges of Singapore to be the subject of my poll.

I have written about my visits to Hort Park in earlier articles. You can read them here:

1. Hort Park: A hot place to visit for a garden walk in Singapore

2. Walk at HortPark on Southern Ridges Park Connector

My question for this poll is: Have you visited Hort Park? You are offered four choices. Choose the most appropriate one that applies to your situation.

(1) Yes, and I enjoyed the experience!
(2) Yes, but it was not satisfying.
(3) No, but I plan to visit Hort Park.
(4) I don't want to visit Hort Park.

This poll on Hort Park will remain open until the end of the month.

This is an experiment that I am conducting to gauge reader response. I know most readers living on the same island as I are not the hands-on type. Most people like to watch and stare when something interesting like a seventh month getai starts, but few will volunteer themselves to be coaxed up on stage to be with the stars in the getai show. This is your chance to break the stereotype, so please vote in the poll on the top right sidebar.

Before you click on the "Show results" button, do click your own response first. Thank you for participating in my Hort Park poll!

Thank you for your support.

See more places. Live more life.

3 September 2008 Update:

Polls closed. Results are shown below:

Thank you readers for your particpation and support!

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