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October 30, 2008

I’m Not Expensive: Singapore Biennale Art

I’m Not Expensive: Singapore Biennale Art

Eyes half open,
Hot like oven.
A car with manners
Follows you like voyeurs.
On windowless wall,
Not Paris but City Hall,
Mona Lisa eyes thrill
Visitors of their will.
-- by SeenThisSceneThat
In this City Hall art installation at the Singapore Biennale called “I’m Not Expensive, 2008”, the work of Lee Yong Deok, a native of Korea, is an intriguing three-dimensional wall art installation.

Made of Aluminium plate, fibreglass, urethane paint and neon light, “I’m Not Expensive” has street scenes with figures like a dancing couple, a mother carrying a child, an old car and a seated person that appear unremarkable at first glance.

Take a second look and your impression of it will improve. As you shift your footing, colourful elements on the wall come to life. This SB 2008 artwork’s illusion of movement captured my imagination. Like a gleeful kid, I spent some time to ‘play’ with this art piece, shifting my position across its width.

The clever use of materials with slopes carved into the artwork challenged my perception of flatness. It tricked my mind into seeing magical movements in the deceptively simple characters created by the artist.

As long as you keeping moving and looking at the objects, these Singapore Biennale figures will appear to move before your eyes. This unique installation will playfully engage you, if you visit the Singapore Biennale and will it to.

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