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October 21, 2008

The Merlion, Sentosa Singapore

Picture of Merlion, Sentosa Singapore.

The Merlion, Sentosa Singapore

This 37-metre-tall tower of The Merlion, located at Imbiah Lookout on Sentosa Island of Singapore is a must-see tourist attraction for visitors to Singapore. For locals who have grown used to the Merlion, you do not need me to tell you that this mythical creature, designed by an executive at our tourist promotion agency as a marketing logo, does not look handsome, beautiful nor aesthetically seductive.

In fact, some bloggers have gone on record to describe how the lion-head and fish-tail combo sculpture makes them want to regurgitate their bowel contents, in the way that is demonstrated by the other Merlion statue at Marina Bay. This creative work may look like rotten cheese to some, but there is a thriving tourism industry behind the sunken eyes and wide jaws.

Visitors to the Merlion at Sentosa get to meet legendary sea dragons and mythical mermaids. They get to be enchanted by animation features on the myths and legends of the Merlion. At the top of this tower, visitors can enjoy a 360° view of Sentosa and Singapore's southern shores. At the back of The Merlion, a 120-metre-long Gaudi-inspired mosaic walkway known as the Merlion Walk is ready to spring a surprise or two.

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