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October 22, 2008

MacRitchie Nature Trail: Tree Top Bridge

Photo: A section of MacRitchie Tree Top bridge.

MacRitchie Nature Trail: Tree Top Bridge

This 25-metre high bridge, smack in the midst of Singapore’s Central Water Catchment Area at MacRitchie Reservoir, is a must-see nature-trail attraction for many reasons. Visitors who dislike walking with crowds on nature trails will love to know that they can enjoy the bridge nowadays without fear of being elbowed by passers-by. At the Tree Top Bridge on a recent Saturday mid-morning, I discovered more surprises at this pleasant nature trail.

See rainforest panorama
For a bird’s-eyed view of Singapore’s natural rainforest scene, this must qualify as the best. Look to either side of MacRitchie’s Tree Top Bridge and be impressed by the amount of greenery that our built-up island still possesses.

See canopy’s flora and fauna
Like me, if you do not have any inkling about the names of various flora and fauna that hide within this green trail, do not fret. You can still enjoy the lovely sights of nature with the aid of many signboards. These useful letters pinned on the bridge educate visitors on the various plants, trees, insects and creatures that make up the inhabitants of the MacRitchie nature trail.

See a suspension bridge
I had expected this HSBC TreeTop suspension bridge to oscillate like a pendulum upon crossing, But the steel mesh beneath my shoes did not move a centimetre even when I jumped. Only the impact of my landing seemed to resonate across the entire bridge length. As I grabbed the railings for support, it swung like a pendulum, and I am sure those walking behind me must have felt it and shot me with their dagger-eyes.

Photo: MacRitchie Tree Top Bridge guardpost.

See guardpost and a ranger
Security at high places extends to the Tree Top Bridge in MacRitchie. This is the highest public bridge in a Singapore nature trail that is guarded by security personnel. The shy guard was not keen to have his photograph taken but my approach allowed me to peep at his rather bare booth. I think the guard’s duty is to enforce the one-way route across the Tree Top Bridge and to look the gates after closing time.

Gate on MacRitchie Tree Top Bridge.

See a swing gate
This bridge has two gates. Walk pass the second gate only if you are done enjoying the Tree Top Bridge. Once you pass this second gate, it will swing shut and lock you out automatically. These gates must also qualify as the highest gates installed on a bridge located in a nature trail in Singapore.

The Tree Top walkway spans Bukit Peirce and Bukit Kalang, the two highest points in MacRitchie. This 25-metre high walkway was completed in July 2004 and cost about S$1.6 million. It is the first suspension bridge to be built in Singapore.

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Muhd Imran said...

Yes. This place is definitely a place of interest to visit.

My family and I were here before, but not after tracking for about an hour to the site and late into the evening.

We were grateful to the ranger who let us in even after the gates were closed a few minutes before we arrived.

The view was nice, but wished the bridge was even longer to enjoy after the tough walk especially for Wifey.

All in all, it was worth the sweat!

J.H said...

I had never heard about this place regardless of ever staying in singapore for 7 years! Now I regret never been there.

Seen This Scene That said...

Hi Muhd Imran, good to hear that the ranger was kind enough to let you in after all that sweat to get there!

Seen This Scene That said...

Hi Jessica, welcome to Seen This Scene That. I'm sure there'll be an opportunity some day.

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